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4 things WWE did for the first time ever after signing Jade Cargill

Earlier this week it was announced by WWE that the top AEW performer Jade Cargill had signed a contract with them. The 31-year-old becomes the second major star to jump from the new promotion to World Wrestling Entertainment after Cody Rhodes did the same in 2022.

Cargill brings an incredible amount of athleticism and charisma, with many fans about to witness her greatness for the first time in WWE.


With such a huge signing, World Wrestling Entertainment has done many things to heighten the magnitude of her arrival. Join us as we look at four things the company has done for the first time ever after Jade Cargill's signing.

#4 WWE's unique announcement


Over the years, when a new or returning star signs for the company, while it may be known amongst fans online that the performer is on their way, World Wrestling Entertainment has tended to be tight-lipped on the situation.


Most famously, fans saw this take place in the form of Cargill's former AEW colleague Cody Rhodes, whose re-signing for World Wrestling Entertainment seemed all but concrete. However, company higher-ups chose to keep his comeback a surprise until the night he returned at WrestleMania 38.

Despite this proven formula, the company chose to go a completely different route with Cargill as they put out a press release on WWE.com to announce the former TBS Champion's arrival.

"WWE today announced it has signed Jade Cargill to a multi-year contract. The news was first reported by ESPN. Cargill, a standout performer who has earned accolades as an industry-renowned talent, will begin training today at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando." (H/T WWE.com)


#3 WWE gave all access to fans


In keeping with the surprise press release, the company also showcased Jade on all their socials, with various images of her arriving at the Performance Center in Orlando, as well as photos of her training in a World Wrestling Entertainment ring.

Her signing was further amplified after the company's head of creative, Triple H, sent out a welcoming message to her on social media.

"A dominant athlete who’s here to change the game…Join me in welcoming the newest @WWE Superstar, @Jade_Cargill, to the @WWEUniverse," posted The Game.

#2 Instant interviews with Jade Cargill

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When a major name like Jade Cargill signs for World Wrestling Entertainment they usually stay out of the public eye until they have made their official on-screen debut.

Many want to get the inside scoop on why and how a performer would leave one major promotion for another. However, despite this, company higher-ups allowed Jade Cargill to speak to the media immediately after her signing was made official.

Speaking on The Ringer Wrestling Show, Jade Cargill was asked to share her thoughts on signing for the Stamford-based promotion as well as detailing what her goals and aspirations in the company are.

"It feels great, you know, I feel like I was just in preparation for the grand stage. I felt like this was always the mission. I felt like the shoe fit. I felt like this was gonna happen, honestly this is all expected, so I’m excited to be here... I want to create a legacy, I want to be in the Hall of Fame, I want to wrestle with the best women in the world, there’s no grander stage than this stage, the opportunities are endless for this company. It’s a no-brainer, it was very welcoming, I didn’t have any second thoughts about it all, it was easy." (H/T The Sportster)

#1 Interacting with top stars before her debut

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With All Elite Wrestling and World Wrestling Entertainment looking to maintain exclusive rights to their performers, the chance for Forbidden Door dream matches are highly unlikely.

Therefore when a top name name from either company makes the switch to the other like Jade Cargill has, fans can start to fantasy book all the potential first-time-ever matches she can have.

After her signing was complete, the former RAW, SmackDown, and NXT Women's Champion Bayley welcomed Jade Cargill to the company on social media, with The Role Model looking to get a possible mental edge over the company's newest star.

"Hello, I am the Tree of Life here in the WWE. Pleasure to meet you. Please feel free to watch very closely this Friday as I break down that cheating, nosey, idiot @MsCharlotteWWE Enjoy!!!!!!!!! And welcome………#rolemodel #learningtree," tweeted Bayley.

An intriguing aspect in Bayley's tweet was the mention of her current rival Charlotte Flair, with many fans having fantasy-booked dream matches between Flair and Cargill in recent years due to their unmatched athleticism in the ring.


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