5 amazing things Vince McMahon owns

#1 A T-Rex skull


Not an actual skull, this is a replica of a skull of the legendary dinosaur, and wasn't even purchased by McMahon himself.

Instead, this was a gift to him by Triple H, who saw the prop on the set of a movie, inquired about where he would be able to buy one, and thought it'd make a nice present for his father in law.

Costing $6,000, this is one of the cheapest items on the list, though is still a considerable amount of money for one gift.

Vince reportedly loved the present from the Cerebral Assasin, and now sits in McMahon's office, where it no doubt makes some employees nervous as they see the King of the Dinosaurs raring its teeth at them.

The skull has even been shown on screen from time to time, when the WWE have filmed inside the sacred business chamber of the boss.

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