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Some less than ideal matches and moments took place at past WWE Backlash events

5 Backlash matches WWE wants you to forget - Offensive Vince McMahon bout, bizarre movie crossover 

WWE Backlash will be airing on WWE Network and Peacock on May 6th, 2023. The big show will be held at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico José Miguel Agrelot in San Juan, Puerto Rico in front of thousands of excited fans.

While the Backlash card looks to be a good one, with numerous top stars featured, it's far from the first event of its name. Backlash, in some form, has aired dating back to the late 1990s. While it was a yearly event for quite some time, the show has come and gone repeatedly over the past decade and a half or so.


Backlash events often focus on the fallout from WrestleMania and can feature major rematches or fresh exciting stories. Unfortunately, like with anything else, not everything produced on Backlash shows have been good. In fact, some of it has been downright bad or best forgotten.

This article will look at some major matches from the show's past that World Wrestling Entertainment likely wants fans to forget. This can be due to the booking, those involved in the match, or something being done in poor taste.

Below are five Backlash matches WWE wants you to forget.


#5. Chris Benoit win a major match at Backlash 2004

April 18th 2004, Backlash. Chris Benoit beat HBK & Triple H to retain the World Title. #WWENetwork #WWE http://t.co/kKuqkolwLo

WWE Backlash took place from the Rexall Place in Edmonton, Alberto, Canada. The show is best remembered for an incredible Hardcore Match between Randy Orton and Mick Foley, but another major bout was on the card.

In a WrestleMania rematch, World Heavyweight Champion Chris Benoit battled Triple H and Shawn Michaels in a Triple Threat Match. The bout lasted for about half an hour, with The Rabid Wolverine standing tall in the end by defeating The Heartbreak Kid.

Truthfully, the match was fantastic and stood up to their incredible WrestleMania bout. Unfortunately, the Chris Benoit tragedy of 2007 means most fans, wrestlers, and anybody else involved in wrestling feel uncomfortable discussing the Canadian's matches and moments. As a result, this bout is best left forgotten.


#4. Kane vs. Viscera from Backlash 2005 had a regrettable post-match angle

Trish Stratus

WWE Backlash 2005 took place on May 1st from the Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester, New Hampshire. The show featured Shawn Michaels and Hulk Hogan teaming up, Batista vs. Triple H, and more.

One of the undercard matches was a clash of giants. Kane, with Lita in his corner, battled Viscera, with Trish Stratus in his corner. In the shortest main card bout of the night, Kane eventually won with a Chokeslam.

While Kane vs. Viscera didn't set the world on fire, it wasn't the bout itself WWE wants you to forget. Instead, it was the post-match where Trish berated Viscera only to get attacked and splashed for her trouble. The Canadian was taken out on a stretcher with fans applauding the man-on-woman violence. This is something the company would never do today.

#3. The McMahons wrestled Shawn Michaels and a bizarre partner at Backlash 2006

At Backlash 2006, Shawn Michaels teamed with God and selfishly refused to tag in his partner for the entirety of the match.

#4FastFacts #HBK #WWE #WWERaw

WWE Backlash 2006 took place on April 30th from the Rupp Aren in Lexington, Kentucky. It was the final RAW-exclusive Backlash and was headlined by John Cena vs. Triple H vs. Edge.


While that title bout was the main event, the most promoted match on the card saw Vince and Shane McMahon team up to take on Shawn Michaels and his partner.. God. Music and a spotlight played for "God", with Vince regularly mocking the religious entity, even proclaiming that "God" ran away from the match at one point.

In what was effectively a Handicap Match, The McMahons defeated Michaels thanks to help from The Spirit Squad. Given how touchy religion is, WWE would never do a story like this on today's programming, which is probably for the best.

#2. WWE's women's division was at a low point by Backlash 2009

Backlash 2009:

SantinA beat Beth to retain the Miss Wrestlemania crown... in 3 seconds after Khali hit Beth with the head chop.

my oh my 🙄

WWE Backlash 2009 took place on April 26th, 2009. The show took place live from the Dunkin Donuts Center in Providence, Rhode Island. The show featured several major matches including an I Quit Match and a Last Man Standing Match.

Of the seven main card bouts, only one match was dedicated to the women's division and it was a complete joke. Santino Marella, dressed in drag and proclaiming to be Santina Marella, the sister of Santino, wrestled Beth Phoenix.

Wrestled is an exaggeration, however. Beth was struck by The Great Khali and pinned by Santina in a few seconds. The only women's match on the card featured the only female wrestler being struck by The Great Khali and ended in seconds. Needless to say, WWE's treatment of women's wrestling has changed dramatically since.

#1. A bizarre sponsored match took place at Backlash 2021

John Morrison

WrestleMania Backlash took place on May 16th, 2021 from the WWE ThunderDome in Tampa, Florida. The show took place in front of no live fans due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

While the show featured several big matches, one bout fans were looking forward to was The Miz vs. Damian Priest in a Lumberjack Match. Instead, the match became one giant ad for Zombie Of The Dead.

Hokey segments aired with zombies chasing The Miz and John Morrison and the zombies eventually being the lumberjacks for the bout. Both Morrison and The Miz were "eaten" by the zombies, making for one of the worst segments in modern history. Still, WWE may regret airing it, but they likely don't regret the check they received for it.

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