Big E vs. Seth Rollins is the next WWE title match in line
Big E vs. Seth Rollins is the next WWE title match in line

5 Better WWE Title challengers for Big E than Seth Rollins

Rohit Nath

Big E vs. Seth Rollins is next for the WWE Championship. The new era of RAW began with Big E getting confronted by four potential challengers - Rollins, Rey Mysterio, Finn Balor, and Kevin Owens.


All four men are former world champions in their own right and Sonya Deville made a Fatal-Four-Way bout and upped the stakes by making it a ladder match. The main event of RAW was as good as any top pay-per-view bout, and the four world championship-level competitors delivered.

“I am the Visionary. I am the Revolutionary. I am SETH FREAKIN’ ROLLINS.”

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8:36 AM · Oct 26, 2021

Ultimately, only one could walk out as the winner, and that was Seth Rollins, who is next in line for the WWE Championship. While he is undoubtedly the right star for a short-term feud, we look at a few better opponents for Big E:

#5. Edge - An unexpected challenger for Big E?

If Seth Rollins is the No.1 contender to the WWE Championship, then Edge deserves a title shot as well, no questions about it. He defeated Rollins decisively in a match of the year candidate at Crown Jewel and has been on a resurgent run in 2021.


Although his 2020 run had the magic of his return, he seems to be living up to the potential of his return this year. If anything, Edge is proving that age is only a number. He is in his late 40s now and after all that concern about his physical well-being, he is putting out some of the best matches of his WWE career - not only of this run.

He was drafted to RAW as well, and it's possible that he may not even be utilized for the rest of 2021. We wouldn't blame him, since he has essentially been going at it non-stop since mid-July this year. This isn't even taking into account the run he had between January to April 2021.

However, Edge vs. Big E would be a dream match that nobody thought they wanted to see until they actually saw it. It would have been a huge stepping stone for Big E as the WWE Champion.

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