WWE could make some serious alterations in their product after Hell in a Cell

5 Blockbuster Feuds That Must Happen After Hell In A Cell

  • There's only one superstar in the entire WWE that can destroy Braun Strowman and his name is neither Brock Lesnar nor Roman Reigns.
Rimika Saini

Despite being criticized for their predictable content, WWE have successfully managed to garner legitimate interest for their upcoming pay-per-view, Hell in a Cell.

While the creative team has provided some pacy storytelling for the viewers, the fans, as always will anticipate something unexpected to transpire before we hit the Road to WrestleMania.

Rumors of the Wyatt Family returning to square off against the Shield keep coming up, and while it could be a genuine possibility, there are other feuds that can legitimately invoke anticipation among the hardcore audience.

With Roman Reigns, Ronda Rousey, and A.J. Styles headlining their respective brands as the Champions, a lot can happen after we are done with Hell in a Cell.

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Here are the 5 blockbuster feuds that must happen after Hell in a Cell.

#5 Ronda Rousey Vs. Ruby Riott for the Raw Women's Championship

This could be a highlight in

One way of bringing out the best in Ronda Rousey would be to clash her against a credible heel, a heel that could stack the odds against the Raw Women's Champion and vow to dethrone her from the top.

Ruby Riott is one of the most underrated in-ring performers in the WWE today, and the fact that she constantly delivers quality in-ring matches makes her worthy to stand as a tough opponent for the Rowdy One.

There's no denying that WWE might be planning something big for their Raw Women's Champion at WrestleMania 35, but her progression towards the Grandest Stage of Them All must not diminish her opponent's credibility.

An anti-heroic heel in Ruby Riott could take the Rowdy One to her limits and could probably stack the odds against her by having the Riott Squad accompanying her everywhere.

At the moment, Monday Night Raw lacks credible heels in the Women's division, and this might be the right time for Ruby Riott to cement her name in the record books.

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Published 29 Aug 2018, 17:23 IST