Even when WrestleMania was pre-recorded, there were still a number of botches

5 Botches you probably missed at WrestleMania 36

  • Even though WrestleMania was pre-recorded, there were still a number of botches.
  • This year's WrestleMania contained a handful of matches.
Phillipa Marie
Modified 15 Apr 2020, 12:39 IST

WrestleMania 36 took place over two nights and stole the weekend, at a time when the world needed some form of escapism, Vince McMahon was able to pull it out of the bag and put on another fantastic show. Whilst The Performance Center was the only location deemed safe for the superstars to perform in, given the current COVID-19 pandemic, the likes of Undertaker, AJ Styles, The Fiend, and John Cena were still able to excel and put on historic matches from different locations.


WrestleMania 36 will go down in history for several reasons, but even though the show was pre-taped, there were several interesting botches that WWE was unable to cover up.

#5. JBL's audio

JBL returned to commentary last night at WrestleMania alongside Michael Cole and called the action for the SmackDown matches, but in the opening exchanges of the show which included the NXT Women's Championship match between Rhea Ripley and Charlotte Flair and Aleister Black vs Bobby Lashley, JBL was quite hard to hear.

The 2020 WWE Hall of Famer was calling the action but there were only snippets of what he was saying that was audible and many of the WWE Universe picked up on it. Despite the show being pre-recorded, the company was not able to fix the issues in post-production and instead allowed the show to go ahead with JBL's mic not working.

Luckily, the issue seemed to fix itself later in the show and JBL could then be heard properly when he began announcing the SmackDown Women's Championship match. The match was won by Bayley after a tease from the Role Model and her long-time friend Sasha Banks that made it seem as though there could have been a turn.

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Published 07 Apr 2020, 02:09 IST