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Lacey Evans (left) and Cody Rhodes (right)

5 current WWE Superstars and their natural hair colors

Several WWE Superstars wear wigs inside the ring to protect their natural hair. Sasha Banks, for example, has worn several wigs in many colors over the past few years, including blue, green, and purple. Meanwhile, The Boss' natural hair color is black.

Although not all of them wear wigs, many other WWE Superstars have also changed their hair color several times in the past few years. Hence, the WWE Universe may not know their natural hair colors.


Here are five current WWE Superstars and their natural hair colors.

#5. Lacey Evans

Lacey Evans is a former United States Marine

After serving for a few years in the United States Marine Corps, Lacey Evans joined WWE in 2016. Since her debut, the 32-year-old has been sporting blonde hair.


While several other blonde female superstars are natural brunettes, Evans is not. During a YouTube makeup tutorial video with Lana in 2019, The Sassy Southern Belle spoke about her hair, disclosing that she does not wear extensions.

"My hair, by the way this is all natural. No extensions. Lord, would you look at it. You don't want me to snatch that thing off on camera," she said. (0:47 - 0:55)

Lana then pointed out that Evans is also naturally blonde. Hence, the hair color she appeared with on television at the time was her natural one. The 32-year-old recently changed her hair color and posted a photo of her new dye on Instagram.

"New hair *color. Same Confidence. 😈💄💦. #IDontGotNoDamnExtentions" she wrote in the caption.

Evans has been absent from WWE television for several weeks. According to recent reports, the former United States Marine is currently not medically cleared to compete.

#4. Former Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes


When Cody Rhodes debuted in WWE in 2006, he had dark hair. He continued sporting the same hair color during his first run in the Stamford-based company, which ended in 2016.

However, Rhodes later changed his hair color to blonde while working outside WWE. Although many fans probably thought the 37-year-old's natural hair color was dark, they were wrong. Rhodes is naturally a dark blonde like his father, The American Dream Dusty Rhodes.

In an interview with Best of New Orleans, the former Intercontinental Champion spoke about bleaching his hair, disclosing that he had always steered away from blonde hair:

"Well, I never thought much of it. I think I was always so resistant to coloring my hair because you know, when my dad was still alive, it's so easy for a second or third generation wrestler to just copy their predecessor. The hardest thing you can do is try and carve out your own legacy. (...) So I always steered away from the blond hair because you know — if I go out there and do a bionic elbow, all it means is Dusty is over, not me. But you know, there are exceptions to everything in wrestling. There's no law. So, I did it. I haven't felt anything from it, but people seem to really like it," he said. (H/T: 411 Mania)

Earlier this year, Rhodes returned to WWE after several years of absence. However, he is currently out of action due to injury.

#3. Former WWE SmackDown Women's Champion Carmella

Carmella has changed her hair color a few times over the past few years

After spending nearly three years in NXT, Carmella made her main roster debut on SmackDown in 2016. The 34-year-old was then sporting blonde hair. However, she changed her hair to brunette nearly two years later.

Speaking to WWE backstage after an episode of SmackDown, the former Women's Tag Team Champion addressed her new hair color.

"I just wanted a change. This is my natural hair color. I wanted to go back to my roots, no pun intended. I just wanted a change. (...) For right now I'm gonna stay dark, I'm gonna stay brunette. But you never know what happens. I think so far, brunettes have more fun," she said. (H/T: EWrestlingNews)

Carmella has now brought back the blonde hair. The self-proclaimed Most Beautiful Woman in WWE is currently out of action due to injury.


#2. Former World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler with dark hair (left) and blonde hair (right)

In 2004, Dolph Ziggler signed a contract with WWE. He has since become one of the company's workhorses.

Although The Showoff has won several titles over the past 18 years, Ziggler disclosed in an interview with talkSport in 2020 that the company believed he did not have the credibility to become a world champion because of his hair.

"One time a long time ago, I was told the reason I'm not credible for world championships – this is 10 years ago, maybe longer, whatever – the reason I’m not credible enough to be winning world championships is because of my hair. Not because I get beat up, not that I lose every match, not that I don’t talk – it was because of my blonde hair," he explained.

Ziggler is naturally blonde, as he appeared in his childhood photos. However, the company believed that dying his hair black would give more edge to his character at the time.

"It got cut short and dyed black and I was serious, I went out there and beat the hell out of Santino and it was the dumbest thing I've ever done. I didn't want to do it. I said this isn't me, we can find a way to introduce more of my shooting background and things – nope. That's what they wanted [the hair cut]. Then after three weeks they said 'oh, our bad,'" Ziggler added in his interview with talkSport.

Ziggler is currently active on Monday Night RAW. The Showoff now has long blonde hair.

#1. Former WWE SmackDown Women's Champion Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey is active on SmackDown

After a legendary run in UFC, Ronda Rousey kicked off her professional wrestling career with WWE in 2018. Since her debut, The Baddest Woman on the Planet has changed her hair color a few times.

The 35-year-old is naturally blonde, as seen in her childhood photos. Over the past few years, she has tweeted several times about being blonde.

"Blonde but not dumb - crazy but not stupid ;)" she wrote in a tweet in 2011.

Rousey also seemingly confirmed that she is naturally blonde during an interview several years ago.

"I don't even know why people even ask me how do you get motivated. I am motivated like I am blonde," she said. (1:22 - 1:28)

Rousey is currently on the SmackDown roster. She recently attacked WWE Official Adam Pearce on the latest episode of the Blue Brand.

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