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Brodie Lee, formerly Luke Harper in WWE, passed in December 2020

3 most emotional tributes from WWE Superstars

This week's WWE RAW featured a segment wherein Solo Sikoa performed the Samoan Spike on Matt Riddle, a move that was made famous by Umaga. Sikoa would later acknowledge his tribute to the late WWE Hall of Famer on Twitter, writing:

"They'll always remember you.👍🏾 #Enforcer"

In a similar fashion, Seth Rollins paid tribute to Brodi Lee at a recent live event, which his wife responded to with a tweet saying:

"This is beautiful. Thank you @WWERollins"

Many other superstars have paid tribute to their beloved, respected and admired wrestlers and other personalities in the industry over the years. Here on this list, let's take a look at three of the most emotional tributes.


#3. A hologram of Paul Bearer at The Undertaker's Final Farewell

Taker's Final Farewell at Survivor Series 2020

Paul Bearer was a major team player who helped in The Undertaker character's growth throughout the latter's career.

Prior to his passing at the age of 58 due to a heart attack in 2013, he was last seen in the company when he got involved in the World Heavyweight Championship storylines of Kane, who went up against The Undertaker and Edge in the second half of 2010.

During the build to the streak match at WrestleMania 29, around which Bearer passed, CM Punk used the former's death in the storyline. The Undertaker went on to defeat the Straight Edge Superstar and end their feud.


Cut to 2020, during 'Taker's Final Farewell segment in the main event of Survivor Series, the seven-time world champion knelt down on one knee as a hologram of Bearer appeared. It was a fitting tribute to the legendary manager as Mark Calaway laid The Deadman character to rest.

#2. Vickie Guerrero's tribute to husband Eddie Guerrero following her last match in WWE


Whilst it came following a ridiculous "pudding match" that saw Stephanie McMahon defeat Vickie Guerrero after multiple interferences, and may not have elicited a reaction from the crowd that it deserved, all of those things ultimately don't matter as it was a touching moment that gets you emotional the more you go back to it.

Vickie Guerrero got her retribution over McMahon by throwing her into the mud pool following the match, and as she walked towards the entrance ramp, Viva La Raza played as she did Eddie's signature taunt before waving a kiss goodbye towards the ceiling and the WWE Universe.

It was a loving gesture made by a woman to her late husband, a legendary WWE Hall of Famer.

#1. Bray Wyatt pays tribute to Brodie Lee upon return to WWE in 2022

Brodie Lee's debut which was a tribute to his former self and Bray Wyatt and now Bray's return is now in turn a tribute to Brodie, Full Circle#Wyatt6 #ExtremeRules

Bray Wyatt returned to WWE at Extreme Rules 2022 following the main event match.

After many characters from the Firefly Fun House were seen as live figures all over the stadium, the camera shifted towards a door at the entrance, with smoke pouring out and light blaring through it.

The door burst open, exposing viewers to a strange blinding blue light before the arena went pitch black again. As things darkened, a lantern that the crowd was familiar with showed up in the doorway.

When the person holding the lantern revealed themselves, it was a masked figure looking around at the fans. After a few seconds, the figure would take off the mask, revealing that it was Bray Wyatt, officially confirming that he was the one behind “White Rabbit.”

Fans took to Twitter, pointing out Wyatt's tribute to his former stablemate.

What a tribute to Mr. Brodie Lee. That mask that Abby The Witch is wearing is what Brodie Lee used when he was Harper as the Bludgeon Brothers. Thanks for that @Windham6 & God Bless & continue to Rest In Power @ThisBrodieLee
Yall can tell me if this is a reach but I thought this tiny detail/tribute to Brodie from Bray Wyatt’s return at #ExtremeRules tonight was pretty freaking cool if that’s what it was. Anyone else catch this?

The mask that Abby the Witch wore was the same one that Brodie Lee wore while he was part of the The Bludgeon Brothers tag team. Also, the blaring blue light that came out of Wyatt’s door had a very familiar feel to Brodie Lee’s entrance when he was in AEW.


Wyatt even subtly referenced the loss of his friend in a promo he cut on SmackDown, which again caught the attention of the fans.

Such are the moments that the WWE Universe recognizes and cherishes as they bring out an emotion like no other.

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