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Mandy Rose has been able to keep a number of facts under wraps

5 Facts you didn't know about 'God's Greatest Creation' Mandy Rose 

Mandy Rose is currently making headlines all over the world regarding her current storyline with Heavy Machinery's Otis. Last night the couple went on their first date, which coincidentally fell on Valentine's Day, but it was invaded by Dolph Ziggler and now it's unknown how Otis will react to having his heart broken by Rose.


Rose is a former Total Divas and NXT star who has been working her way up through the ranks ever since she made her debut as one-third of Absolution back in 2017 alongside Paige and Sonya Deville.


Rose is somewhat new to the wrestling business, but anyone who has been watching her recent work on Friday Night SmackDown needs to bring themselves up to date with the career of God's Greatest Creation.



#5. Trish Stratus once believed a picture of Mandy Rose was one of herself

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Mandy Rose and Trish Stratus have many things in common, they both took the fitness route into WWE, they are both blonde and they have been able to climb through the ranks to become stars in the company, but it appears that Stratus believes that Rose could be her doppelganger.


When the resemblance was brought to Trish Stratus' attention back in 2017, the former seven-time Women's Champion pointed out that she actually believed that the picture of Rose was a picture of herself to the point where she was trying to remember wearing the outfit.


Rose agreed that the resemblance is uncanny and as seen from the Tweet above, that image of Rose does look very similar to Stratus when she was contracted to WWE back in 2006.

The two women met a few months later as part of the first-ever Women's Royal Rumble where they were able to prove that they are two separate women who just have quite a striking resemblance.

#4. Sonya Deville originally pitched a lesbian angle for herself and Mandy Rose

Mandy Rose is one of the most beautiful women in the world, Corey Graves ensures that he points this out every time God's Greatest Creation makes her way to the ring, and it appears that she had turned the heads of a number of fellow superstars, including her friend Sonya Deville.

The former MMA star admitted on an episode of Total Divas that she had pitched a lesbian angle for Deville and Rose heading into last year's WrestleMania and even had it approved before WWE then decided to scrap the whole angle just weeks before the show.


Deville's real-life girlfriend wasn't impressed that Deville would be kissing another girl, but Sonya wanted to push forward her sexuality and raise awareness for the LGBTQ community.

When Lana and Liv Morgan were given the storyline just for the shock value of the reveal, both Deville and Rose expressed their frustration on social media, since they believed they could have played the role much better.

#3. Mandy Rose has her own Youtube series and website

WWE has referenced Mandy Rose's love of donuts a number of times throughout her time on Friday Night SmackDown, but only fans that follow Rose on Instagram will be aware that she and best friend Sonya Deville have their own Youtube series and website called DaMandyz.

The series follows Rose and Deville as they continue their quest for the perfect donuts. The uploads give fans an interesting insight into the world of Rose and Deville, as the two women travel the endless road that comes with their WWE contract.


The website that accompanies their web series also allows fans to add their favorite donut flavors as well as selling some interesting merchandise relating to the DaMandyz show. Much like many of the shows on the WWE Network, this is a way for fans to keep up to date with their favorite tag team on SmackDown and gain a valuble insight into their lives and the kinds of people they really are outside of the ring.

#2. Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose are best friends on and off-screen


Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose perform together on Friday Night SmackDown as Fire and Desire and have come up short a number of times throughout their career when they have pushed for the Women's Tag Team Championships.

Rose and Deville first met when they worked together on WWE Tough Enough when it returned for a special one-off series back in 2015 and was streamed on the WWE Network. Both Rose and Deville were signed to WWE after their appearances on the show and Rose was the runner-up behind women's winner Sara Lee.

Interestingly both winners have now been released from WWE and Deville and Rose remain the most successful former stars of the show. Velveteen Dream was also part of the show but known as Peter Clark at that time.

Deville and Rose became friends after meeting on the show and have been inseparable ever since, which could be why the two women have such good chemistry when they need to work together on WWE TV.


#1. Mandy Rose and Tino Sabbatelli

Rose has been dating Tino since April 2018

Mandy Rose is currently part of a fantastic storyline alongside Otis where he's seen as the underdog working hard to win over the affection of Rose, which works well since many of the WWE Universe are unaware that Rose is actually in a relationship outside of the ring.

During her time down in NXT, Rose worked alongside Tino Sabbattelli who is a former football player and it seems that the two stars managed to spark up a romance. At the 2018 Hall of Fame induction ceremony, the couple was spotted together for the first time, just days after Rose appeared on Lilian Garcia's podcast where she revealed that she was in a relationship with her fellow star.

This is the second public relationship that Rose has been part of since she was engaged to Michael Lubic when she made her debut on Total Divas back in 2016. It appears that their relationship didn't work out, but many fans never found out, since Rose was dropped from the show after one season.

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