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With Triple H assuming creative control, the WWE Universe is expecting changes to come

5 Innovative Changes that Triple H could bring to WWE

With the shocking news that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon has officially stepped down, his son-in-law Triple H has earned the responsibility of running The Worldwide Leader in Sports Entertainment.

While McMahon still has a controlling interest in WWE, it appears for now that Trips is going to have a lot of say in the current product. This has led many fans to harken back to the glory days of his time as the head of NXT, which produced some of the greatest pure wrestling of the last decade.


While there may not be any totally radical changes to the company's overall model, there are a lot of changes the Cerebral Assassin can implement to help shape the product's future.

Here are five innovative things we may see from Triple H in WWE.


#5 - NXT expansion

NXT's "Black and Gold" era was the company's most highly-acclaimed product for several years

When NXT UK first launched, it was supposed to be the start of a global extension for the brand with branches in Japan, Mexico, and possibly Canada added in the future. In essence, Triple H's original vision was to have an entire minor league 'farm system', similar to that of Major League Baseball.

Those talks died down when The Game stepped away for health reasons and essentially lost control of the third brand. While it's doubtful that the promotion is looking to expand right now, there may be an option to add one or two more 'NXTs' down the road.

#4 - A better overall in-ring product


One of the earmarks of NXT when Triple H was in charge was that it boasted the very best pure wrestling under the WWE umbrella. While RAW and Smackdown were faltering, the black and gold banner was waving proudly.

One tag team break-up I will NEVER complain about is #DIY

The story was perfect, and both Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa went on to achieve greater success in NXT

A rare instance of a break-up resulting in both guys becoming even bigger stars than they already were


With assistance from people like Shawn Michaels and others, the new man in charge could re-visit those kinds of matches on the main roster. With the infusion of talent and some great in-ring work already taking place in WWE, it really only needs a shot of seriousness in getting back to the basics.

#3 - Giving the shows a different 'look'

WWE RAW employs the slick sheen many fans expect from a WWE production

While Kevin Dunn has been with the company for years and served the promotion admirably, the look and atmosphere of the product hasn't really changed at all. The brands all have similar sets and employ those silly 'shaky camera shots' during action sequences.

Perhaps Triple H could find some new camera angles, lighting or positioning to freshen up the product's look. This may be more of a cosmetic move, but it would at least signal a new era for programming.

#2 - More crossover events featuring NXT vs. WWE

When NXT invaded SmackDown in late 2019, it was one of the most exciting episodes in the show's history. Fans talked about it for weeks as the company headed towards Survivor Series.

Ups and Downs #SmackDown! NXT Invades, Brock Lesnar quits and that Daniel Bryan vs Adam Cole match

Anytime RAW or SmackDown stars have made surprise appearances on NXT (especially lately), it's had a similar effect. Having younger stars interact with veterans is not only an exciting change of pace, but a great experience for them as well.

The line shouldn't be blurred between the third brand and the main roster too often. But perhaps a once-per-year event where NXT takes on WWE would be something we could see The Game conjure up.

#1 - Cooperation with other major promotions

AEW x NJPW: Forbidden Door took place in the sold out United Center in Chicago

We have seen WWE reach uncharted territory in recent years with their cooperation alongside companies like IMPACT Wrestling. They shocked the world when they allowed reigning Knockouts division champion Mickie James to return and be part of last year's Royal Rumble.

Triple H has always spoken about handling things with a little more diplomacy in the past. The company would formerly never even ackowledge that other promotions even existed, but they appear to be more open-minded about things today.

It would surely be mutually beneficial to both parties involved, depending on how the potential collaboration is handled. It could be something as small as social media interaction or as large as talent swaps. With the success of the recent AEW x NJPW: Forbidden Door event, even a future supershow (while unlikely) can't be ruled out.

The company has been an island fortress for many years, but it's very easy to see Triple H reaching out much more than Vince McMahon did. And that's the type of vision and leadership WWE needs right now.


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