Two cousins will battle it out for the Universal Championship with the highest stakes

5 Potential finishes for Roman Reigns vs. Jey Uso "I Quit" Hell in a Cell match 

  • The Usos could be exiled from the Anoa'i family by Roman Reigns in some surprising ways at WWE Hell in a Cell
  • How will the Universal title match end at WWE Hell in a Cell 2020?
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Modified 24 Oct 2020, 20:05 IST


Not only will Roman Reigns and Jey Uso's Hell in a Cell clash be the first-ever HIAC match with an "I Quit" stipulation, but The Tribal Chief revealed some high-stakes consequences on the go-home episode of WWE SmackDown.

The Usos and their respective families will be exiled from the overarching Anoa'i family if Jey Uso loses at WWE Hell in a Cell, while Roman Reigns will no longer be at the head of the table if he loses against Jey Uso at the aforementioned event.

Many have said that this particular feud has been the best aspect of WWE's programming heading into Hell in a Cell, and with those expectations in mind, here are five potential finishes for Roman Reigns and Jey Uso's Hell in a Cell "I Quit" Match for the Universal Championship.

#5: Roman Reigns makes Jey Uso quit in a relatively straightforward WWE Hell in a Cell Match


With such an intriguing storyline at hand, WWE fans tend to overthink a lot in terms of possible outcomes. But the facts are as follows- Roman Reigns is the stronger cousin compared to Jey Uso, and it's very likely that The Tribal Chief will hold the Universal Championship for a long time.

An obvious way for this match to pan out would be for Reigns to dominate the most of it. To this, add a little bit of smack talk from the Tribal Chief. After the introduction of a couple of chairs or kendo sticks, Roman Reigns retains his Universal Championship by driving Jey Uso to quit due to exhaustion inside WWE Hell in a Cell.

Jey Uso might put up a good effort, but at the end of the night, all bets have been placed in favour of the most mainstream star from the current generation of WWE, Roman Reigns.

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Published 24 Oct 2020, 20:05 IST
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