5 reasons The Fiend vs Aleister Black shouldn't happen anytime soon

Black teased a confrontation with The Fiend recently on Twitter.

Abhilash Mendhe

Black vs The Fiend

Bray Wyatt finally made his way to WWE TV a while ago, when he attacked an unsuspecting Finn Balor on Monday Night Raw. Wyatt was now donning the persona of The Fiend, a character whose mere presence is enough to send chills down fans' spines. As soon as The Fiend debuted, fans began speculating on a number of dream matches this new character could be a part of.

Several names were thrown out, but fans collectively agreed that The Fiend vs Aleister Black would be a rivalry worth watching on TV. Last night, The Fiend and Black had a back and forth on Twitter over the former wanting to be on the cover of 2K21. Black teased a confrontation with The Fiend, but do we really want this rivalry to kick off at this point in time? Here are 5 reasons why it shouldn't happen anytime soon.

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#5 A feud over a videogame cover is a BIG no!

The Fiend in WWE2K0

The Fiend acknowledged WWE Games for presenting him as a DLC for the new WWE2K20 game, and added that he wants to be on the cover of the game next year. Black responded to the tweet and stated that he wants to talk to Wyatt about that, and proceeded to mention a door. The last thing this feud needs is these two incredibly mysterious beings fighting over a game cover. This is certainly not the way to kick off a feud between someone of the stature of Black and The Fiend, and a big reason why this Twitter exchange should not lead towards something anytime soon.

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Published 17 Aug 2019, 11:40 IST