5 reasons why John Morrison is returning to WWE after 8 years

Here's why the 3-time Intercontinental Champion is back in WWE!

Rohit Nath

He's back!

The Guru of Greatness, the Shaman of Sexy and the multi-time Intercontinental Champion John Morrison is officially back with the WWE. He signed a new contract recently and it was reported by Ryan Satin on WWE Backstage.

It was always a matter of when and not if Morrison would return. While we would undoubtedly have loved to see a surprise return, we suppose that there may not have been a storyline in place for him or the purpose of WWE Backstage was for announcements like this.

Either way, it's a huge signing for WWE and at 40-years old, Morrison looks as evergreen as ever. He spent many years away from the company and in that time, grew as a performer and became a World Champion in multiple other promotions. It's clear that his value grew outside of the company and he even began dabbling around in Hollywood as a stuntman as well.

Here are a few theories as to why Morrison returned to WWE.

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#5. Wants to end his WWE run on his terms

Will he be able to do it his way?

Morrison left WWE in a bit of a frustrating position. He had to deal with various injuries and knew that under WWE's rigorous schedule, he wouldn't be able to do that. He took time to heal and declined a 3-year contract that was offered to him.


The reality is that while he had a good run with the company, there was still a bit left to be desired. Morrison knows that he couldn't end it the way he wanted to and any Superstar would prefer to leave.

While he did leave on his terms and got to do what he wanted, there's always a gut feeling in a performer to want to end things on their terms as well.

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Published 04 Dec 2019, 19:56 IST