Kevin Owens is now a member of the New Day.

5 reasons why Kevin Owens joined the New Day

  • Big E is out of action due to an injury, and the New Day has found a new member. Here are 5 reasons as to why Owens joined the New Day.
Modified 17 Apr 2019, 17:28 IST

#3 For a future feud with Big E

Who would be in the New Day, Big E or Big O?

Kevin Owens hosted the Kevin Owens Show with The New Day as guests and asked them to take him in. After a few tests involving body movements and pancake-eating ability, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods agreed to let Owens become an honorary member of the New Day.

Big E was heartbroken when the New Day replaced him with Kevin Owens a.k.a. Big O, and sent out a tweet in displeasure.

This could result in a future feud between Kevin Owens and Big E when the latter is fit for an in-ring return. The build for the feud between Big E and Big O would certainly be fun.

They could fight for a spot in the New Day. Even if they are forced to team up, it would be fun to watch how they co-exist.

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Published 17 Apr 2019, 17:28 IST