The Shield may not reunite after all!

5 Reasons why the rumored Shield reunion will not happen on Raw 

  • The Shield is rumored to reunite and face The Corbin Alliance
Ishaan Sharma
Modified 03 Mar 2019, 22:52 IST

From the past few days, there are some rumors that The Shield could reunite soon. Last week on Monday Night Raw, The Shield teased a reunion when Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins came to save their traitorous brother who broke the group last year on October.


Now that Roman Reigns has confirmed that his Leukemia in is remission, fans have started believing that the WWE is going to get the Shield back together soon. Even though this is good news, we still don’t know if it will happen for sure.

There are many reasons why the WWE may want to reunite Ambrose, Rollins, and Reigns again but there are also some essential factors that prove why it may not happen. Currently, Vince McMahon is doing things differently on Raw and Smackdown and maybe not reuniting The Shield could be one of his plans.

I know this just doesn’t clearly state what I’m trying to say and it is why I’m presenting these 5 reasons why the rumored Shield reunion may not happen this week on Raw.

#5. Dean Ambrose’s contract will expire in April and he has already denied re-signing with WWE

We are going to miss you, Dean.

Some time ago, the WWE officially confirmed that Ambrose will be leaving the company after his contract expires this year in April. Since then, there have been some talks about whether this statement is real or just a work.


If the Shield is going to reunite, then Ambrose must not leave the WWE but who knows, maybe he is stubborn about not changing his mind. In this condition, I don’t think the WWE will reunite the broken Shield as their work will prove to be pointless if Ambrose leaves the company one month later.

However, if the whole Ambrose departure saga is just a work, then WWE has a great opportunity to reunite the fan-favorite group. 

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Published 03 Mar 2019, 22:52 IST