WWE Superstar and Hall of Famer Goldberg

5 Reasons WWE should bring back Goldberg for one last match

Bill Goldberg’s legendary career is definitely one for the record books. The WWE Superstar and Hall of Famer has been hailed by both critics and his colleagues as one of the strongest talents in the history of pro wrestling.

Before WCW was eventually bought by WWE, he was the face of the company. During his stay, Goldberg went on a legendary winning streak that was eventually broken by two-time Hall of Famer Kevin Nash.


There’s an instant pop from the crowd whenever The Icon makes an appearance to give his opponent a heads-up that they are next on his list.

The former Universal Champion is still under contract with WWE and is expected to make a comeback sometime next year. By the time such an agreement is up, what could WWE do to convince him to have one last hoorah?

#5. WWE should bring Goldberg back for a final match to put over a potential face of the company


WWE Superstars’ final matches usually end up putting over younger talents. Provided that Goldberg agrees to such a match, it is expected that whoever goes up against him will receive a baptism by fire.


The company has a lot of these emerging superstars on its current roster and it would definitely be an honor for them to be put over by none other than Goldberg himself.

#4. To keep him from signing with rival promotions

Goldberg’s credentials and decades of experience will without a doubt make him a valuable asset to any wrestling promotion. If his current contract expires and he still wants to wrestle, WWE could be facing some tough competition.


A case in point is All Elite Wrestling. Although Tony Khan’s promotion likely wouldn't sign the former Universal Champion due to its primarily hardcore fanbase, many of whom have been critical of Goldberg for years, the fact remains that AEW has signed former WWE Superstars and most of them have been getting awesome pushes.

To that end, Goldberg’s in-ring career could be far from over, and it's not impossible that Tony Khan could offer the star a multi-year contract. In line with this, the promotion could give him more creative freedom if such an agreement comes to fruition.

#3. Another match against Bray Wyatt

The WWE Universe was elated when Bray Wyatt returned to the company after a lengthy speculation on whether or not he would come back to wrestling.

Fans might recall that Goldberg and Wyatt’s otherworldly alter ego The Fiend collided at Super Showdown in 2020. The former won the match and was hailed WWE’s Universal Champion for the second time. The win also made him the first-ever wrestler to have won a world championship after reaching Hall of Fame status.


It would be interesting to see these two titans clash anew to finally settle some unfinished business between them. WWE could make it a trilogy of matchups since Goldberg has already bagged the first one in this potential epic feud.

#2. Humbling those heels


Goldberg has been a babyface for most of his career and only turned heel once. However, this villainous run only lasted a couple of months before he reverted to his good guy persona.

He has crushed numerous heels during his heyday as fans cheered him on. This good vs. evil trope is one of the core elements of pro wrestling, so why not beat up a monster heel before finally riding off into the sunset?

Roman Reigns and the rest of The Bloodline have been the top heels of the company as of late. However, with the way things are going, WWE won’t be letting Reigns lose his championships just yet since he is a huge draw for the company.

To that end, fans will just have to wait and see who will be thrown into the lion’s den if the company decides to take this path.

#1. Sharing the ring with Gage


Fans know how much The Icon loves his son Gage. There were even moments when the WWE Superstar would bring him inside the ring and celebrate his win.

Gage’s interference during his dad’s match at SummerSlam 2021 could already be a hint of him wrestling in the future. If one were to base Gage’s future on his physique during the event, it may well seem that he’s getting there.

Under Goldberg’s tutelage, Gage could be a wrestling great in the making if he chooses to pursue the said path. It would be wonderful to see them wrestle inside the ring similar to Dominik and Rey Mysterio.

One might argue that The Icon is already at a retirement age for a pro wrestler. However, there’s no denying that he still has the power and physicality to be comparable to younger wrestlers.

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