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Although William Regal was never WWE Champion, he should still be enshrined among the immortals

5 Reasons why William Regal should be in the WWE Hall of Fame someday

During his time in WWE, WIlliam Regal racked up many accomplishments. His list of titles and great moments are the stuff of a professional wrestling legend. He is so legendary that he probably deserves to be enshrined with the other all-time greats in the WWE Hall of Fame.

Although he was never a world champion, Regal racked up several other titles and even has a King of the Ring win under his belt. In a career that began in the early 80's when he was just a teenager, Regal was applauded for both his toughness and his technique. He was one of the best all-around grapplers of his generation.


Here are five reasons why WIlliam Regal will likely be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame someday.

#5 - He will likely return to WWE after his stint with AEW is over, making an induction possible


This is the first hurdle to clear out the way, so this list starts here.

Obviously, The Gentleman Villain is currently signed with All Elite Wrestling. However, there are already rumors that he may be ready to depart and return to World Wrestling Entertainment.


Having been one of Triple H's closest allies in NXT, it makes sense that Regal would come back eventually in some administrative capacity. That could clear the way for a much-deserved enshrinment.

#4 - His championship accolades are impressive

William Regal was not only a King of the Ring winner, he also captured the vaunted WWE Intercontinental title on two occasions.

On this day in 2008, William Regal won the King of the Ring tournament

Along the way, he had five reigns as the Hardcore Champion and was one of the best European titleholders in the company's history. He has also held tag titles with multiple partners over the years.


Regal had terrific clashes with legends like Kurt Angle, CM Punk and other top stars, proving that he was always able to hang with the very best in the world.

#3 - His backstory is a great one

As mentioned, Regal began his school of hard knocks in the ring at the tender age of 15. In the area of the UK where he learned the ropes, you had to be tough as nails. There was certainly no mercy, especially for a young kid just trying to catch his big break.

But the most powerful chapter of his tale is the darkness he fell into in the middle part of his career. When he arrived in WWE in 2000, it was already a bit of a comeback story; his first stint with the company was brief. He had been released a couple of years earlier due to substance abuse issues.


What followed next was a Cinderella story like very few others. After getting clean, Regal went on the greatest run of his professional life. In the end, he not only beat his doubters; he beat his demons.

#2 - William Regal was a multi-talented star

As mentioned, he was always a great in-ring performer. But Regal was so much more than that.

There is no one crazier than @IAmJericho he pee'd in @RealKingRegal tea... #RAW

Be it in-ring promos or backstage vignettes, Regal might be one of the most entertaining talents of his era. Whether it was joining Mr. McMahon's special 'club' or accidentally drinking urine from a teapot, his reactions were always priceless.

In fact? He and Tajiri basically formed a modern-day comedy team in World Wrestling Entertainment.

When you look at his array of skills, you can see that he was a very well-rounded performer. He left the fans with plenty of hilarious moments to go along with his superior skills in the ring.

#1 - He is deeply respected by the WWE Universe

Even following his departure, the fans have never forgotten about everything Regal gave them during his time in and out of the ring. He provided so many memories that the audience will never forget.

Almost no one would have any complaints if he received the promotion's ultimate honor. It would likely be the total opposite and met with roaring approval.


Likewise, he is also well-respected by his peers and WWE management. Long known for doing basically everything he was asked to do, he was a willing soldier. People in the company (especially at the top) haven't forgotten that - especially Triple H. The man in charge knows that someone of Regal's class, character and accomplishment deserves to be inducted.

If he returns home to WWE, there's probably a good chance he will be onstage someday... accepting his ring and a spot in the Hall of Fame.

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