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5 shocking moments at Hell in a Cell 2018

  • WWE shocked the world tonight by delivering some of the most intriguing moments in recent memory.
Abid Khan

There's no denying that the fans were expecting something special tonight, and WWE genuinely did everything in their power to produce a fantastic show.


A lot of the things that transpired tonight have brought more focus to the product and was done by an equial blend of wrestling and entertainment.

Hell in a Cell 2018 was every bit of heinous, barbaric, and unforgiving as it promised to be, and the creative team made some right choices to bring more anticipation towards the future.

Since the event is generally known to alter careers of the superstars that enter the unforgiving structure, Hell in a Cell had its moments which took the audience in-attendance, and at home by surprise.

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So, without further ado, let's dive deep and analyse the 5 shocking moments that happened at Hell in a Cell 2018.

#1 Becky Lynch decimates Charlotte Flair and wins the SmackDown Live Women's Championship

An incredible match

In what was a pretty gruesome encounter between the two former best friends, Becky Lynch laid it all on the line and emerged victorious by pinning Charlotte Flair to win the title that had eluded her for a long, long time.

Both superstars delivered a fantastic match, with lots of intense and amazing spots. Since Charlotte was working this feud as a babyface, the fans were literally shocked that the Relentless Lass Kicker dethroned the Queen to win the title.

Becky worked Charlotte's arm for a significant proportion of the match and brought her A game to win the SmackDown Live Women's Championship.


With the timing and placement of the match being so perfect, the match was engaging enough to shock the fans with an unpredictable finish.

#2 AJ Styles defeats Samoa Joe in controversial fashion

A disappointing end to a good match

There's no denying that AJ Styles and Samoa Joe if provided with enough creative freedom can bring some intriguing narrative between the ropes while complimenting each others' styles.

Something of such stature transpired at Hell in a Cell. Both superstars delivered a good match with Samoa Joe brilliantly enacting his heel persona.

However, The Phenomenal One's victory in controversial fashion ended The Destroyer's hopes of walking out of Hell in a Cell as the WWE Champion.

The moment came after Samoa Joe successfully locked AJ Styles into the Coquina Clutch which led many fans to believe that The Destroyer will finally have his moment.

The WWE Champion countered the heinous submission by pinning The Destroyer in controversial fashion, this was possibly done to extend the feud till Super Show-Down.

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Published 17 Sep 2018, 11:36 IST