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5 Signs that prove ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt will manipulate Daniel Bryan to go after The Miz

Looks like The Fiend will use Daniel Bryan to bring The Miz closer to himself! #WWE #SmackDown

Ali Akber
Published Dec 01, 2019

This feud is getting relentless

WWE has been interestingly taking this Universal Championship feud and relying on its three most competent mic and ring workers to give fans an interesting story to follow.

Daniel Bryan has found himself in the middle of a storyline where he is faced by his archrival The Miz on one side, and ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt on the other. While we haven’t seen any direct links between The Miz and Wyatt yet, the company has been constantly building towards a storyline that could involve all three men collectively and give us some quality TV time.

We’ve seen Wyatt’s previous challengers Finn Balor and Seth Rollins find a darker side to themselves after facing The Fiend, and not being the same again. Similarly, we could watch Bryan lose his touch with his babyface character, and give in to the dark and demonic side of The Fiend.


This could result in Wyatt manipulating and using Bryan to hunt down The Miz for him, who could prove to be the perfect next challenger to the Universal Champion.

In this article, we will look a the five signs the company has already given that indicate that Wyatt will use Bryan to go after The Miz after their feud is over.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in the article belong to the writer and doesn't necessarily represent Sportskeeda's stand.

#5 The Miz was originally rumored to be The Fiend’s first challenger

The Miz could be Wyatt's next opponent

After The Fiend won the Universal Championship, rumors were floating that The Miz would step up as the first challenger to The Fiend and his title.

Both Daniel Bryan and The Miz did not make the trip to Saudi Arabia, and it seemed like the creatives had a change of heart and removed Bryan from the Intercontinental Championship scene where he was already in an angle with Sami Zayn and Shinsuke Nakamura, and placed him in a feud with The Fiend.

While Bryan is in contention for the Universal Championship, The Miz has repeatedly appeared and has been mentioned in the storyline currently involving himself and The Fiend.

This could signal that The Miz may end up being Wyatt’s next challenger once The Fiend is done with Daniel Bryan, and introducing him to the current Universal Champion via the use of Bryan would make a brilliant storyline.

We could see Bryan join forces with The Fiend after losing to him again, and then gathering souls for The Fiend to sacrifice to get more powerful, with The Miz proving to be the first victim.

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