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Riddle needs a change in finisher!

5 WWE Superstars who need a change in finisher

A change in finisher is essential to improve one's wrestling. The finisher is the most important move in the arsenal of a wrestler. It should be visually impressive while giving the appearance of injuring the opponent. The final, dominating move must ensure the opponent is truly beaten.

However, some wrestlers introduce finishing maneuvers that don't look legitimate. They choose moves that can get a crowd reaction instead of finishing their opponents with a thunderous impact. Their antics and impact that won't hurt a fly expose the scripted nature of the sport. The illusion that the moves are authentic needs to be maintained.


On this list, we'll look at five wrestlers that need a change in finisher due to their lackluster nature and impact:

#5. Ezekiel's Leg Lock

Ezekiel's Leg Lock

The revelation of Ezekiel being different from Elias has taken the WWE Universe by storm. On April 18, WWE fans got a glimpse of Ezekiel's finisher. To their disappointment, it was nothing new.


Ezekiel's leg lock is similar to a move popularized by Jack Swagger. To make matters worse, Ezekiel's attire is similar to The Ultimate Warrior, which earned him the ire of fans. WWE should consider a change in finisher and attire to give the new superstar authenticity.

#4. Kevin Owens' Pop-Up Powerbomb

Kevin Owen's Pop-up Powerbomb

Since Kevin Owens' debut, the Pop-up Powerbomb was revered as a brutal move with a unique method of execution. However, it lost its sting because nobody sold it except Sami Zayn. Changing to Stone Cold Steve Austin's Stunner was a good decision until it backfired on Owens. The authentic, unique finisher introduced first by Owens has ceased to matter.


The Stunner has overshadowed the Powerbomb. Owens has won against tough opponents thanks to Steve Austin's move, which is more effective than the original Owens finisher.

The Prizefighter requires a change in the finisher, which will be appreciated by the crowd and easily sold by opponents. A submission finisher in addition to Stunner in his arsenal will be fantastic!

#3. Naomi's Rear View

Naomi's Rear View

Naomi is one of the most talented wrestlers on the WWE roster. She's a two-time Smackdown Women's Champion. From Moonsaults to Single Leg Boston Crabs, her finishers seemed somewhat believable. However, her current finisher is a flaw in her character. The Rear-View was met with much amusement as well as mockery.


#SmackDOwn @NaomiWWE

Jumping and hitting the opponent with her behind doesn't seem to fit the former champion. In a roster of women champions performing deadly finishers, it's a disgrace for Naomi to have such a finisher. The change in their favorite superstar disheartens fans.

Naomi and Sasha Banks are suspended from WWE after refusing to participate in a match. Should she return, a change in the finisher, particularly a dominant one befitting a champion, should be the first thing on her mind to give her a fresh start in her career.

#2. Lacey Evans' Women's Right

Lacey's Women's Right

Lacey Evans burst onto the WWE scene with poise, style, and flair, demanding other female wrestlers be more ladylike. In reality, the Sassy Southern Belle comes from a military background, having served in the United States Marine Corps. For a USMC member, an unimpactful finisher like Women's Right doesn't fit.

Her finisher is a close-fist punch that catches the opponent off guard. It's similar to The Big Show's knockout punch but doesn't excite or demonstrate the techniques, skills, or even strength of a Marine.

Currently, Lacey is sporting a tougher gimmick inspired by her time in US Marine. It becomes essential for her to have dominating, body-breaking finishers such as Rhea Ripley's Riptide. With women in more intense and physical fights like Hell in a Cell and TLC matches, Lacey needs a change in the finisher.

#1. Riddle's R.K.O


Riddle's rise through the WWE ranks is a dream come true. His upcoming match against Roman Reigns demonstrates his progression in WWE since his debut. Although he has a Bro Derek finisher, which seems to be a hybrid of Tombstone Piledriver and Styles Clash, he prefers to use Randy Orton's RKO. In the meantime, Randy uses his partner's finishers in some matches.

Let's face it: The pop for a copied finisher will never be met with the same intensity. Riddle's RKO will soon become outdated. Seth Rollins preserved The Pedigree after Triple H's departure. However, Randy isn't leaving WWE anytime soon, so Riddle isn't needed to preserve the iconic RKO.

Moreover, if Riddle becomes the WWE Undisputed Universal Champion, changing the finisher from RKO to an impactful and destructive one is necessary to give him a global appeal.


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