5 superstars who can be WWE's 'iron-man' in the Rumble match

A brief look at the superstars who have what it takes to give that one long, impressive performance needed at Royal Rumble.

Kartik Seth

Is there anyone on the current roster who can surpass Rey Mysterio's Rumble record?

The Royal Rumble match, over the past 30 years, has developed and maintained a legacy of its own in the wrestling world. It is a place where new superstars are born, superstars of the past appear for one more hurrah and, of course, established superstars make triumphant returns back to the company. However, it's all about surviving when it comes to the Rumble, and every year, there's one superstar who enters the match early and, somehow, manages to hang on till the very end. Last year, a re-invented Chris Jericho lasted over one hour, coming within an inch of breaking the all time record of one hour and two minutes set by Rey Mysterio in 2006. If the history of the Rumble is taken into consideration, it is certain that we would see a similar performance this year as well. Several superstars on the current roster are capable of putting on that iron-man performance this year, but who are the most viable and suitable options considering the storylines leading to Wrestlemania and, maybe, even beyond it?

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Published 19 Jan 2018, 14:04 IST