Angry Miz Girl's epic reaction; Caley's prom date

5 Things you should know about Angry Miz Girl, Caley

  • Caley became a popular internet meme following The Miz's WWE title win in 2010.
  • Here are five things you should know about Caley, the Angry Miz Girl.
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On the November 22, 2010 edition of RAW, Randy Orton defeated Wade Barrett to retain his WWE title. Things didn't end here though, as The Miz came out to a huge pop, and cashed in his Money In The Bank briefcase on The Viper. In a matter of seconds, The Miz had become WWE Champion for the first time in his career. It ended up being his only WWE title reign.


There were many fans in the arena that night, who were incredibly unhappy at what had just happened. No one was as disappointed as a 10-year-old girl though, who kept staring at The Miz with deadly eyes and pure hate in her heart. The girl instantly became a meme, dubbed Angry Miz Girl. Real name Caley, Angry Miz Girl was recently interviewed by Reddit user niclasswwe, and we learned a string of interesting things about her. Let's look at five things you probably don't know about Angry Miz Girl.

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#5 The moment Caley realized that she had become an overnight sensation in the pro wrestling world

Where it all started for Caley

Caley's reaction was immediately turned into a meme, and it was only going to be a matter of time before she learnt about the same. Interestingly, Caley had no idea that she had become an internet meme, until the morning after the show that she had attended. Caley recalls that her father's best friend called them the morning after RAW, and told them to watch the show as WWE had showed her during the episode's end.


Angry Miz Girl was picked on by some people following her appearance on RAW

Caley added that she was in fifth grade at the time and was just a 10-year-old kid, so there weren't many of her classmates who watched wrestling. Caley did make a depressing revelation though, stating that she was picked on a bit for her appearance and reaction to the WWE title change. 'Some friendly, others not so friendly', was how Caley described folks acting around her who knew about her overnight popularity.

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