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Harry Smith inducting his father The British Bulldog into the WWE Hall of Fame

5 things you may not know about Harry Smith

Harry Smith, the son of WWE Hall of Famer, The British Bulldog, has had a much-travelled career that has spanned over two decades. Harry was trained by his father and Bruce Hart.


Smith has performed for WWE, New Japan Pro-Wrestling, Major League Wrestling and more. He recently confirmed that he has now re-signed with WWE, and appeared in a dark match on the July 16th episode of SmackDown.

With his much-travelled career, come many great stories and great matches. That being said, let's take a look at five things you may not know about Harry Smith.

#5 Harry Smith holds the rights for The British Bulldog moniker

The British Bulldog being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame

As of 2015, Harry Smith and the rest of his family hold the rights to the British Bulldog name. The rights were up for grabs as nobody owned the trademark and WWE had dropped its right to use the name.

Harry told Pro Wrestling Sheet in 2015:

"Certainly, this has also given me boost and excitement, and is making me want to work harder and train harder to make the name proud."

Now with the family owning the name, they have been putting it to good use, with Harry using the British Bulldog name in different promotions. The family also opened up a British Bulldog store on the Wrestle Merch Central website based in the UK.

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Whether Harry uses the name in WWE remains to be seen, but it is wonderful that the family are keeping the legacy of The British Bulldog alive.


#4 His first-ever match was in Stampede Wrestling in 1995

Harry Smith

Harry, of course, was trained by his father and Bruce Hart. He went on to make his professional wrestling debut as a young teenager for Stampede Wrestling in Rockyford, Alberta, Canada. Based in Calgary, the promotion was founded by Stu Hart, the legendary Canadian wrestler and father of Bret and Owen Hart.


When Harry made his debut, the promotion was being run by Bruce Hart. He was pitted in a tag-team match teaming with TJ Wilson, better known as Tyson Kidd. The two grew up together, and would eventually become WWE Tag Team Champions together.

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#3 Harry Smith performed on the World of Sport reboot in the UK

Harry Smith as Davey Boy Smith Jr in Major League Wrestling

Harry Smith is a fan favorite in the UK, and rightly so, and it doesn't get much better than wrestling on UK television in front of those fans.

World of Sport was a widely popular sporting feature that once appeared every Saturday on ITV in the UK. Its initial run was between 1965 and 1985. Wrestling was one of the mainstays of the show, which featured the legendary Giant Haystacks and Big Daddy.

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World of Sport returned in 2016, but just focused on wrestling. Harry appeared on the first New Year's Special in a battle royal. He then signed for a full-time season in 2018, as British Bulldog Jr. He went on to face Will Ospreay and Iestyn Rees in singles competition, and also became WOS Tag Team Champion with Grado. The show didn't return for a second season.

#2 Harry's last victory in WWE was on WWE Superstars before returning

Harry Smith in WWE

Before leaving WWE in 2011, Harry was restricted to matches on WWE's B show "WWE Superstars." Sadly, his split with Tyson Kidd and subsequent feud were at one stage relegated to WWE Superstars, before returning to Monday Night RAW for their feud-ending match. By this point, Harry had lost his passion.

His last victory in a WWE ring came on an episode of WWE Superstars, teaming with Yoshi Tatsu against Primo and Zack Ryder. What a random combination. After leaving WWE, Harry once again resumed his career on the independent scene after a four month absence from the ring.

#1 Harry has held multiple tag team championships around the world

The Hart Dynasty in WWE

When it comes to tag team wrestling, Harry Smith is your man. He has won tag team championships all over the world.

His taste for tag team gold has seen him win some of the top tag team championships. He has won the WWE and World Tag Team Championship in WWE with Tyson Kidd, the IWGP Tag Team Championship with Lance Archer in NJPW, and also the NWA World Tag Team Championship.

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When it comes to singles championships, they have eluded Harry Smith so far, but who knows what his latest WWE run will bring.

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