Kofi was the 100th guest on Chasing Glory podcast.

5 things we learned about Kofi Kingston on Lilian Garcia's podcast

  • The current WWE Champion spoke about his life and career, on the 100th episode of 'Chasing Glory'.
Divesh Merani

#4 He is grateful for all his tag-team partners

Air Boom is extremely underrated.

Lilian Garcia touched upon Kofi Kingston's various tag-team partners, ones he had shared the Tag Team Championships with. Kofi is quite the decorated tag champ, winning the titles with multiple people. He also said that he learned so much from each of them. CM Punk took a recently debuted Kingston under his wing in 2008, giving him advice and helping him settle in the company. The abrupt formation of their partnership would not be a detriment to the eventual friendship that Punk and Kofi would share.

In 2011, he would team with Evan Bourne, a team that wowed the WWE universe during their entire existence as Air Boom. They were actually solid WWE Tag Team Champions and continuously put in brilliant performances. Kofi even said that the pair would attempt to out-do each other every night, while out-doing their opponents together. This team ended due to Bourne's suspensions, forcing Kofi to go back to the drawing board as well. He would flounder for a while before teaming with R-Truth.

The current WWE Heavyweight and 24/7 Champion would have a blast together as Tag Team Champions, with Kofi learning so much about entertaining crowds beyond wrestling moves from Truth. He had no regrets from any of the three tag team partners he had, saying that he doesn't stress at all and just moves forward.

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Published 24 Jul 2019, 12:30 IST