NXT Superstar Aleister Black

5 Things You Didn't Know About Aleister Black 

  • We examine the often times troubling inner workings of wrestling's most enigmatic performer: Aleister Black
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#2. Black Is No Fan Of Organized Religion
NXT's Aleister Black


In all his early research, Black also had time to consume plenty about organized religion. Raised a Christian, Black is now a professed Satanist, who doesn't believe in God or an actual devil.

After beginning to question his own faith at 15, Black developed a sense of skepticism and determined that there was no way a loving God could allow all the bad things to happen in the world and still be watching over the people he loves. At 16, Black came to the following conclusion about God, "'If God made us, then if I don't believe in God and when I pass, then he won't judge me for it because he meant for me to be this way."

As Black has progressed in his own personal spiritual pursuit, he has come to acknowledge religion as 'absurd.' Black began to notice a great deal of hypocrisy and religious people who, 'Used religion to get away with whatever they wanted to get away with.'

Black ultimately decided that the main issue with religion is that people of faith never really question their beliefs, "There are so many world religions and each and every person that has religion feels that their God is just and their story is right. Each and every person that worships a set God feels that their God is gonna be there for them at their passing or in their life and I find that whole behavior fascinating because I don't have that. I don't understand that. I don't feel that way."

Black instead compares modern religion to ancient religions now considered fantastical like Greek and Norwegian mythology. Black believes that we may one day see major religions considered the same, "Maybe in 200-300 years, we'll look back and say, 'This is what people believed back then. This is called the Christian mythology."

Although Black doesn't believe in a literal devil, he views the biblical Satan character sympathetically, as a child who has lost his father.

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Published 03 Dec 2018, 22:33 IST
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