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I'm Ric Flair! The Stylin', profilin', limousine riding, jet flying, kiss-stealing, wheelin' n' dealin' son of a gun! 

5 Things you didn't know about Ric Flair's personal life

Ric Flair is one of the greatest to ever step foot into the squared circle, if not simply THE greatest. A 16-time world champion on paper, Flair is one of the most famous names in professional wrestling, a name that is being proudly carried by his daughter Charlotte in WWE today.


Flair is the benchmark that WWE have set for their world champions, with his 16 titles seemingly unattainable today although John Cena will have something to say about that. Before Flair became the ‘Nature Boy’ he was just a college dropout looking to eke out a career. Today he’s a living legend.

However, as big as a legend that Flair is inside the ring, his personal life has been in shambles for decades. Financial and personal problems have dogged Flair for years which only goes to show that even the mighty have to kneel sometimes.

In this article, we take a look at 5 things you didn’t know about the “Nature Boy’s” personal life.

5: Charlotte once assaulted Ric which nearly landed her in jail

Charlotte with Riki Johnson

Amongst Flair’s personal issues, his numerous run-ins with the law have been highlighted in the past. Amongst them is one particular incident that WWE really wants fans to forget – In 2008, Charlotte was arrested for assaulting her father and resisting arrest by a police officer. Charlotte’s then-boyfriend, Riki Johnson, was also present at the scene.


Flair refused to press charges against his daughter in the end but she still had to face the charges for resisting arrest. Her initial sentence of 45 days in jail was eventually reduced to probation and a fine and Charlotte thankfully avoided jail time.

Interestingly, Charlotte later married and divorced Johnson withing two years. None of the involved parties have commented on the incident since.

4: Flair has been physically assaulted by 3 of his ex-wives

Flair has been assaulted by 3 of his 4 ex-wives

Ric Flair has been married 4 times in the past and is currently engaged for the 5th time. Out of Ric Flair’s 4 ex-wives, at least 3 of them have physically assaulted him.

In 2005, Ric divorced his 2nd wife Elizabeth Harrell (Charlotte’s mother). During the divorce proceedings, Ric’s lawyer alleged that Elizabeth had physically assaulted Flair, striking him in the head and body, in order to provoke a physical confrontation with him.

In 2009, Flair filed charges against his 3rd wife, Tiffany Vandemark, who was accused of hitting Flair with a phone charger.


In 2010, Flair’s 4th wife was arrested for repeatedly punching him in the face, after the pair had returned home from dinner at the Lodge Restaurant in Charlotte, NC. The reasons for the attack are still unclear.

3: He put up the NWA belt as collateral on two different loans

Shaky has shaky financial history

Ric Flair and the owner of Highspots, a wrestling merchandising company, had tried to enter into a deal for DVD projects and promotional appearances which eventually fell through. During the process, Flair and Bochicchino would become good friends which eventually led to Flair asking to borrow small amounts of money from Bochicchino on a few occasions.

Flair eventually put up his NWA championship belt as collateral for a loan but then the deal between him and Bochicchino fell through. Still owed about $35,000 by Flair, Bochicchino tried to put up the belt for sale when he realized that Flair had already used the belt as collateral for another loan from a plumbing company called Conbraco.

2: Ric Flair’s stalker

Ric Flair had a long-term stalker

A woman called DeAnn Siden started stalking Ric Flair in 1990. She followed him around the country for the next 8 years with her even getting kicked out of several wrestling venues along the way. At one point, she claimed that the two had had an affair and she eventually even threatened to kill him.

In 1992, Siden gave birth to a baby girl and claimed that Flair was the father. She reappeared several years later in 2001 and threatened to kill Flair and even her own daughter if Flair didn’t come to meet her. This escalated to calls to Flair’s then-wife Elizabeth where she threatened her.

After this incident, Flair finally proceeded to press criminal charges against her.

Interestingly, Siden was also arrested for stalking Kurt Angle in 2003.

1: The 2002 airplane ride

Flair was involved in a messy situation on a plane ride back from Europe

It was the year 2002 and Flair and a group of wrestlers, including Scott Hall and Goldust, were flying back to the United States on a chartered flight back from a tour of Europe. What happened on the flight is something that nether Flair nor the WWE would want fans to know.

The wrestlers drank on the flight and the situation quickly went south afterwards. According to two of the flight attendants, Flair wore nothing but one of his trademark robes and “flashed his nakedness, spinning his penis around.”

Flair then, allegedly, forcefully placed each woman’s hand on his crotch and was even accused of sexually assaulting one of the flight attendant’s in the back of the galley.

Other wrestlers on the flight were accused of passing around syringes and instructing the flight attendants to dispose of them along with numerous other allegations of sexual assault and harassment.

Although Flair later said the allegations were baseless, WWE settled with the women out of court.


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