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Batista wrestled The Great Khali in a Punjabi Prison Match at WWE Great American Bash (2007)

5 times WWE stipulations went too far

WWE has had some interesting yet bizarre stipulations over the years. Remember the Kennel from Hell match featuring Al Snow and Big Bossman? How about the “Bodyslam Challenge” featuring Andre the Giant and Big John Studd? The Punjabi Prison match with Batista and The Great Khali?

These matches were memorable for being ridiculous or bizarre in some cases. Some stipulations were very bad across the board, and insulting to the wrestlers competing in those matchups.


Today, we look at five WWE match stipulations that went too far.

#5 – Cry Baby Match (Razor Ramon vs. 1-2-3 Kid)

Razor Ramon placing a diaper on an unconscious 1-2-3 Kid

We go back to February 1996 with a match between Razor Ramon and the 1-2-3 Kid. The rules was simple enough: win the match and put a diaper on your opponent. “The Bad Guy” picked up the victory and a diaper (along with baby powder) was placed on Kid.

This was not only a silly match stipulation, but for two wrestlers that were the caliber of Scott Hall and Sean Waltman, this was too much to bear. Seeing Waltman in a diaper was not only silly but downright degrading to his character.


Not long after this, both men would eventually depart for WCW… and I can’t say that I blame them.

#4 – The WWE Raw Bowl (The Smoking Gunns, Yokozuna & Owen Hart, Razor Ramon & Savio Vega, and Sycho Sid & 1-2-3 Kid)

The RAW Bowl was a strange one

WWE booked a Fatal 4-Way tag match and created a classic NFL theme as a tribute to the Super Bowl. Even the referee (Earl Hebner) was dressed like an NFL ref, with all four teams wearing football jerseys and the ring marked up like a football field.


To make things even stranger, each team was granted a time out. Why? Honestly, who knows? This was just too ridiculous.

The winning team was presented with a trophy by The Brooklyn Brawler. Let that sink in for a second, ladies and gentlemen. And you wonder why this match never happened again in WWE history.

#3 – Kennel from Hell (Al Snow vs. Big Bossman)

The infamous Kennel from Hell match

You knew this match had to make the list. The infamous Kennel from Hell match featuring The Big Bossman and Al Snow from WWE Unforgiven (1999). The concept was very odd, to say the least.

You have a classic blue-bar steel cage surrounded by the Hell in a Cell structure, with guard dogs placed between the cages ready to take a bite out of whoever was stupid enough to try and escape this horrible match concept.

One of the dogs decided to take a dump during the match, which goes to show how much even the dogs cared about this matchup. Oh yeah, for those who care to know, Al Snow won the match by escaping the cage.

#2 – Gravy Bowl Match (Stacy Keibler vs. Trish Stratus)

Trish Stratus defeats Stacy Keibler in the Gravy Bowl match to retain the WWF Women’s title!

During the Attitude and Ruthless Aggression eras, it was not uncommon to see the WWE “Divas” involved in some Bra and Panties matches, bikini contests, and so on. For Trish Stratus and Stacy Keibler, both ladies fought in a “Gravy Bowl” match. And yes, it was literally a giant bowl of gravy.

The match was set with a Thanksgiving Day theme as both Keibler and Stratus fought over a table filled with Thanksgiving Day food items before making their way to the gravy bowl. Both ladies were thrown into the gravy bowl several times before Stratus got the victory via submission over Keibler.

This match took things way too far and for someone like Trish Stratus, who would go on to become a WWE Hall of Famer. The whole ordeal was completely degrading and hard to watch.

#1 – Good Housekeeping Match (Jeff Jarrett vs. Chyna)

10/17/99: Chyna defeats Jeff Jarrett in a "Good Housekeeping" match to win the WWF Intercontinental title at No Mercy.

This match was basically a hardcore match but filled with housekeeping-type items (mops, brooms, vacuum cleaners, you get the picture). The match was silly and sexist, to say the least.


Jeff Jarrett and Chyna did their best to make this matchup work, but it was only memorable for Chyna to win the Intercontinental Championship from Jarrett.

Chyna became the first woman in history to ever hold a male championship title. On top of that, Jarrett was soon out the door from WWE and would make his way to WCW shortly thereafter.

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