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Dexter Lumis is following some legendary precedents

5 times WWE Superstars invaded their opponents' houses

The September 13, 2022 episode of WWE RAW added another page to the story of Dexter Lumis and The Miz. The Tortured Artist continued to invade the A-Lister's life, this time by sneaking into Chateau Marmiz in a creepy fashion. Lumis disturbingly left a drawing of The Miz's family in the house, leaving fans wondering what he will do next in his continued harassment of The Awesome One.

After weeks of kidnapping, stalking, and interfering in his target's matches, Lumis's latest move promises to propel the feud into personal territory. The Tortured Artist seems to be following in the footsteps of multiple stars who invaded their foes' homes to develop storylines.


Here are five other memorable times WWE Superstars invaded their opponents' houses

#5: Samoa Joe calls on AJ Styles' family

"Daddy's home"

Samoa Joe and AJ Styles had one of the most personal WWE rivalries of 2018. The conflict between the two living legends began in the ring over the WWE championship. It quickly turned personal, however, as Joe repeatedly spoke ill of Styles' family in an attempt to get into The Phenomenal One's head.


The Samoan Submission Machine's mind games came to a head on the road to the Super Showdown 2018. While Styles was in the ring for a scheduled contract signing, the Titantron showed Joe outside the champion's house. Joe unleashed an ominous monolog about fear and helplessness while Styles begged him not to harm his family before the latter rang the doorbell and the segment faded to black.

The drama, suspense and emotion of the segment was pulled off to perfection.

#4: Bray Wyatt sends The Miz a creepy message

"Say cheese."

@WWEBrayWyatt @mikethemiz #SmackDown

Dexter Lumis isn't the first WWE Superstar to invade the Mizanin household. In late 2019, The Miz, amidst a face run, came into conflict with the then WWE Universal champion Bray Wyatt. After Wyatt's "The Fiend" character appeared to kidnap Daniel Bryan, he turned his attention to the eight-time Intercontinental champion.


As The Miz was doing a sit-down interview with Renee Young at his home, Maryse was heard frantically calling out for her husband. She proceeded to show her husband creepy footage of their infant daughter, Monroe, playing with Wyatt's funhouse toys in her crib. The It Couple rushed to her room to find a distressed Monroe with Alexa Bliss's "Lily" doll.

The segment did not take much action, but it was arguably the best building block for their match at TLC 2019. Everyone involved portrayed their roles excellently, especially the then 21-month old Monroe Sky Mizanin.

#3: Seth Rollins breaks into WWE Hall of Famer Edge's house


Seth Rollins and Edge had arguably the best WWE rivalry of 2021. Over their instant classic trilogy, their rivalry quickly evolved from professional one-upmanship to personal jealousy. Rollins's quest to prove that he was an upgrade, and not a cheap copy of Edge, led him into territory that the veteran himself had trodden in the past.

Just as The Ultimate Opportunist had invaded John Cena's home fifteen years prior, The Visionary let himself into his opponent's house and made himself comfortable. Meanwhile, The Rated R Superstar, who was in the ring addressing his foe, ran backstage in terror, frantically calling his wife and friends to no avail. Ultimately, Rollins did not interact with Beth Phoenix or the couple's children, but his mere entry into the house was enough to get into his opponent's head.

#2: Edge pays a visit to John Cena's dad

A personally heated chapter of an iconic rivalry

Speaking of Edge, the WWE Hall of Famer executed a home invasion of his own in 2006 when he confronted John Cena's father. The almost year-long rivalry became so heated on the road to Summerslam that The Rated-R Superstar resorted to personal mind games to get the upper hand. He, along with valet Lita, confronted John Cena Sr., proceeding to make fun of his son's childhood before assaulting the old man on their way out.

This set up the culmination of an almost year-long feud in which Cena defeated Edge for the WWE title at Summerslam less than a week later. The uniqueness of the home invasion angle made the Cena vs. Edge feud standout during the Ruthless Aggression Era.

#1: Triple H flushes Randy Orton out of the Orton household

The personal heat between these men was palpable

The buildup to the main event of WrestleMania 25 witnessed Triple H and Randy Orton use their extensive history to add gravity to their feud in various ways. Orton used his Legacy stable to attack the McMahons and even went as far as kissing an unconscious Stephanie in front of Triple H. The Game wasn't going to take this lying down.

The following week, The King Of Kings took the fight to The Viper's home, bashing the door with his sledgehammer. He then unleashed a vicious attack on the terrified Orton, throwing him all around his own house in a fierce brawl. The iconic segment ended with The Game throwing his opponent through a window before the police arrested him for trespassing.

As far as WWE home invasions go, not even the infamously controversial Austin vs. Pillman beats this.

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