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Triple H has been on a roll with his creative decisions in WWE thus far

5 MORE ways that Triple H could continue to improve the WWE product

Triple H has been on a roll with his creative decisions in WWE thus far

As Triple H continues to paint a whole new portrait of WWE, he's bringing a lot of its hidden beauty into focus. The product over the last few weeks has shown more promise than it has in a long time.


Seeing the WWE returns of Karrion Kross and Scarlett has probably been the biggest move so far, but several other additions and changes have given the fanbase hope in this new era of the promotion.

It should come as no surprise how well Trips is doing. He's displayed an incredible acumen in professional wrestling from day one, and he's already proven that with his prior work in NXT. But he's the leader of a big ol' band now, and he's definitely got his mojo working.

But what OTHER things might Triple H have in store for us with the WWE product? Here are five possible moves that he might make to keep the improvements going.


#5 More acknowledgment of the past and WWE's legacy


The video packages that were recently produced, highlighting the WWE Intercontinental and United States championships, were excellent and educational. They perfectly conveyed the importance of both titles by tying them to all the legends who have held them in the past.

Big highlight package for the US Title on Raw and one for the Intercontinental Championship tonight on SmackDown. Good to see WWE treating the titles like they matter again and have real history.

It's not rocket science, but for some reason Vince McMahon never seemed to like dwelling too much on the past. Mainly out of being stubborn and stuck in his old ways.

Triple H is more of an all-encompassing historian than Vince ever cared to be. He will likely continue to try to add value to the brand with more great video stories like the ones we have seen so far.


#4 Legends will return, but in the proper context

While Triple H will gladly honor the promotion's past, there's probably no chance we will ever see it done in the manner it was presented before.

For nearly two decades, it felt like every former main-eventer or champion would come back for one night, only to get the best of a regular player in the company. Then they would just leave, with no retribution whatsoever. The modern superstar got absolutely nothing out of the exchange, and in fact, was often the worse for wear in the end.

A great example of that was the night when several legendary tag teams showed up and beat the ever-living crap out of The Ascension. They were supposed to be one of WWE's most promising tag teams. But they never really recovered from that night, and went nowhere from there.


Trips won't let that happen, especially to the talent that he has personally invested his time in. This should probably fit better into a category of things that Triple H WON'T do, because there's no way we'll see a replay of something like that again. At least not with any performer worth their salt.

Instead, these will be more like 'smile and wave' appearances, which is fine with the fans. And if every now and then a Hall of Famer like The Undertaker gets involved physically? That's fine. As long as it's not a total 'burial'.

#3 Introducing a Trios or Six-Man Championship

Instead of having two sets of regular tag team titles, Triple H could opt to unify those into one. An Undisputed Tag Team Championship that appears on all brands.

That would open the door for some type of six-man prize within WWE. There are plenty of talented lucha stars and indie wrestling cruiserweights that could light up a division like that. As a matter of fact, it could be a haven for smaller wrestlers who don't quite have the look or size to work the main event.

#AEW World Trios Championship Tournament is coming soon to AEW, the finals will be at #AEWAllOut Sunday, Sept. 4th LIVE on PPV! 🎟 at AEWTIX.com

Tune in NOW to #AEWDynamite Fight For The Fallen LIVE on TBS!

This Mexican-influenced style is really exciting and is catching on in a lot of promotions globally. AEW just started a tournament to crown its first Trios Champions while several companies in Japan have had active divisions for years. Perhaps World Wrestling Entertainment should get in on the action, too.


#2 Expanding the NXT system

With the breaking news that NXT UK will now be re-branded as NXT Europe, some fans across the pond may be disappointed. They shouldn't be.

#WWE will be launching #NXT Europe in 2023, with #NXTUK going on a hiatus indefinitely!

This is a sign that WWE is not giving up its foothold in that area of the world. Despite the fact that the United Kingdom version of the brand hasn't really caught on in the United States, that doesn't mean it's been a failure. This is much more a show of faith and expansion than a death knell.

There's a good chance that over the next five years, we will see NXT Canada, NXT Mexico and NXT Japan in development. That was Triple H's original vision years ago. Now he can finally make it happen.

#1 If anyone can find WWE's next big superstar, it's going to be Triple H

Let's face it: Triple H has an eye for talent. He trained at Killer Kowalski's school and, as mentioned earlier, is really much more of an 'old school' guy than some might think. He prefers to do things with at least some semblance of the traditions of the industry.

Triple H observes the tradition of wrestlers leaving their boots in the ring when they retire.

#WWE #WrestleMania #WrestleMania38 twitter.com/WWE/status/151…

He's also got a valuable running buddy in Shawn Michaels, who has also shown a great knack when it comes to working with prospective talent. The combination has been nearly as successful behind the scenes as they were in their days together in D-Generation X.


In the next few years, it's likely WWE will lose Roman Reigns to Hollywood and Brock Lesnar will call it quits for good. Sadly, neither of them has anything more to prove and have made enough money that their grandchildren will never have to work. It will soon be time to find a new poster boy for the promotion.

That may be the greatest asset that the new head of creative brings to the boardroom. He has the ability to predict the future and put stock in the very best talent.

While Triple H certainly doesn't have the same business credentials as some Fortune 500 CEOs, he's fully invested in 'The Game' of professional wrestling. He's winning that game right now, and there's no reason to think that streak won't continue.

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