5 ways WWE has gotten completely meta with The Fiend

What #WWE is doing with The Fiend is truly groundbreaking. Here's five examples of why. #TheFiend #BrayWyatt

Brian Thornsburg

The Fiend is one of WWE's truly innovative characters.

The Fiend is arguably the biggest thing in WWE right now and while a lot of that has to do with how he is portrayed, it's the meta and fourth wall breaking nature that really makes it stand out. It might even be what truely separates The Fiend from every other Superstar in the company and it shows just how creative WWE is.

With that being said, and The Fiend's spellbinding lore growing larger and larger by the day, here are five ways that WWE has broken the fourth wall, or just gone completely meta, with Bray Wyatt's character.

As always, let us know your thoughts in the comments below and be sure to tell us what you think they will do next with the Fiend.

#5 Subliminal messages

There's a lot of subliminal messaging going on with The Firefly Funhouse.

What is up with Bray Wyatt's subliminal messaging?

While some fans might have thought it was just a one-off during the infamous muscle man dance, the company has continued to drop these oh so subtle hints about the true nature of The Fiend character. Of course, no one knows what they mean yet. At least in regards to the character, but it's obvious that this messaging is meant for the viewer to see.

The segments even have quick cuts of a stoic faced Bray Wyatt telling the audience to "let [him] in", which was pretty spooky to watch. As if that wasn't creepy enough, he also seems to be using references of sheep to symbolize the brainwashing of his young audience.

Either way, there is just so much to work with here and WWE should spend time exploring every inch of this lore. They also need to keep building upon it and pushing the envelope to make sure the audience is kept off guard.

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Published 15 Sep 2019, 06:00 IST