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Paige's WWE career came to an end when she was injured at a live event in New York

5 WWE Superstars who inadvertently ended their opponent's career

In WWE, the name of the game is to entertain the fans with as much action as possible without technically hurting your opponent. And while all the violence may be simulated, the consequences are very real if an accident happens.

WIth giant bodies crashing together at full speed, something bad is bound to happen sooner or later. Unfortunately, these instances can lead to bumps or bruises, leading all the way up to paralysis and even death.


Often, it leads the performers who accidentally cause the injury to suffer from serious guilt. On the other hand, some have grown to become close friends with the performer who was forced to retire.

Here are five WWE Superstars who (unfortunately) ended the careers of their opponents.


#5 - Neville forces Corey Graves into a new role with WWE

Today, the WWE Universe knows Corey Graves as the sly, trash-talking color commentator of Monday Night RAW. As a full-on heel announcer, the only thing louder than his opinion is his wardrobe. And for the most part? He's excelled in that role.


However, Graves was once considered a main-event player in NXT until concussion issues forced him to the sidelines.

During a match for the NXT Championship with Neville, the tattooed announcer received a concussion following a kick to the head. He continued on, however, likely doing more damage to himself.

Although Graves would still compete for a short time after, it's believed he received cases of head trauma due to this specific moment, the lingering effects of which forced him to the announcer's desk he occupies today.


#4 - Samoa Joe ends Tyson Kidd's career before it ever really gets off the ground

Tyson Kidd was a highly regarded prospect in the company and had great family ties, being married to WWE Superstar Natalya Neidhart. Despite having been on the main roster for a while, it was believed the best was still to come for the Canadian youngster.

That was until his career ended at the hands of a muscle buster from Samoa Joe. An awkward landing later, and Kidd's career was no more.

5% of people survive this injury. 16 staples, 4 screws and a rod later and luckily I survived to tell my story. http://t.co/hXpXpA0aAF

After attempting to return for a year, he finally called it quits and took a role as a producer with WWE. Samoa Joe departed the company in 2022 to sign with All Elite Wrestling.

#3 - Sasha Banks accidentally puts out Paige

Still in her prime in WWE, Paige suffered a stinger at a live event at the Nassau Coliseum in New York in 2018. After weeks of speculation regarding a return, it was announced that she would not be cleared to compete again.

In this case, it was Sasha Banks who landed a hard double-leg kick to the back of Paige's neck. That proved to be the end of the line for the UK sensation.

Tomorrow is Paige's last day in the WWE. I enjoyed her work in NXT and her early days on the main roster. Injuries may have shortened her career but we will forever greatful for what she did in the ring. Can't wait to see what she does next

The promising star had been a hallmark of the promotion's Divas division, and helped initiate the changeover towards more serious female competition. Despite her short time with WWE, Paige will always be considered a groundbreaker.

But it may not be the end for Paige, as July 7, 2022 was her official last day with the company. The British star has chosen not to re-sign with WWE and has teased a return to in-ring competition, but when and where remains to be seen.

#2 - Bill Goldberg kicks Bret Hart in the head

While this technically took place in WCW, both men are WWE Hall of Famers. And considering everything once under the World Championship Wrestling banner is now owned by World Wrestling Entertainment, this one makes the list by default.

Another reason it makes the list is because of the bad blood that still exists to this day regarding the incident. Goldberg attempted to meet The Hitman with a thrust kick, missed slightly and knocked him momentarily unconscious.

The kick that ended Bret Hart's career:a thrust kick to the head from Bill Goldberg during their WCW World Heavyweight Championship match at Starrcade '99,which resulted in a severe concussion for "The Hitman"..(Cont)

Hart later said that he suffered a concussion and multiple seizures from the incident, which effectively ended one of the most decorated careers of all time. Hart has continued to have side effects stemming from the incident to this day.


Goldberg has been known to be somewhat reckless in the ring on occasions. In this case? It marked the end of The Excellence of Execution.

#1 - D-Lo Brown paralyzes Droz

Darren Drozdov was considered a future star in WWE due to his athletic abilities and charisma. Oh, and one other thing: He has the ability to regurgitate on command, which affectionately earned him the moniker, 'Puke.'

Going up against D-Lo Brown at a 1999 taping of SmackDown, Droz was injured when he slipped loose from a powerbomb and landed on his head and neck. The result was two fractured vertebrae.

Today, Drozdov is confined to a wheelchair and requires 24-hour assisted living. Thankfully, WWE has stepped up to provide financial and medical relief to Droz and his family. On Brown's side of things, he took the incident very hard and still stays in contact with his former co-worker to this day.

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