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WWE Superstars Chris Jericho and Batista were punished by the company for a match in 2008

5 Times WWE Superstars were fined and the reasons why

When WWE signs a sports entertainer to a binding contract, they have to follow certain company procedures. And as with any job, failure to do so can result in punishment.

Over the years, WWE has certainly proven that they have no problem upholding their standards and guidelines. And aside from outright terminating an employee, the promotion has never minded hitting them in the wallet as well.


Fines in sports entertainment can be levied for anything from being late for a card to making mistakes in the ring or violating the company's wellness policy. Here's a look at five instances where performers were fined for one reason or another.

#5 - Randy Orton has been fined multiple times by WWE

In his 20 years as a WWE Superstar, Randy Orton hasn't always been a model citizen. Now an older and much wiser veteran, he will likely tell you the same thing.


The Apex Predator has not only violated the company's wellness policy on more than one occasion, he has also shown conduct detrimental to the organization.

He's gotten into incidents with fans, both publicly and on social media. He's hazed incoming wrestlers and has allegedly displayed inappropriate 'locker room behavior' around executives and crew.

It's hard to calculate how much money Orton has been forced to leave on the table over the last two decades, but it's a good bet that it's a significant amount. Even so, he's a future Hall of Famer and one of the greatest performers of all time, despite a few missteps along the way.

#4 - Lars Sullivan


Who? This brash and powerful newcomer was supposed to be the next great heel in WWE. Instead, his past not only caught up with him, it also cost him a ton of money.

BREAKING NEWS: WWE Superstar, and former United States Champion, Lars Sullivan has been INDEFINITELY Suspended as he is under investigation for prior actions before the start of his WWE career.

Upon his arrival on the main roster, some of Sullivan's old social media posts on a weightlifting forum emerged. They were incredibly offensive by nature, and the promotion fined and suspended him. Even more controversy surrounded Sullivan when it was revealed that he had appeared in some softcore adult films.

Eventually, Sullivan would depart the company after suffering from anxiety issues, stating that he wasn't likely to return to the professional wrestling industry.


#3 - WWE fined Chris Jericho, Batista, referee Mike Chioda and agent Dean Malenko all for the same match

When Batista and Chris Jericho faced each other on the 800th episode of RAW, the pair had a tremendous clash, but there was a problem. The company had a strict 'no-blading' policy at the time that the two superstars ignored.

WWE Superstar Chris Jericho Talks About “The Animal” Batista Being Fined For Blading - wrestlingnewsreport.com/wwe-superstar-… http://t.co/UV3jxMqDwd

Batista would end up getting fined a whopping $100,000 for the incident, with Jericho being hit for $25,000. Both referee Mike Chioda and match agent Dean Malenko received smaller penalties, with Batista eventually paying the fines for all parties involved.

#2 - Titus O'Neil

At the conclusion of Daniel Bryan's 2016 retirement ceremony, the superstars were on the ramp to say goodbye. Seemingly everyone on the roster was there, including CEO Vince McMahon.

As The Boss was departing, he was playfully grabbed by Titus O'Neil, who joked that McMahon should wait and let daughter Stephanie by first.


This Is The Incident After #RAW Between Titus O'Neil And Vince McMahon He Is Being Suspended For 90 Days

Instead of taking it as a joke, McMahon jerked away from O'Neil, fined him, and suspended him for 90 days. While his suspension was later shortened to 60 days, it did cause Titus to miss WrestleMania and the paycheck that came along with it that year.

#1 - Even Triple H and The Undertaker have been fined

Considering both of these legends called it quits at this year's WrestleMania, it only seemed fitting to save this one for last.

At WrestleMania 27, The Undertaker defeated The Game to extend his winning streak to 19-0. The match was lauded by fans and observers alike, but Vince McMahon was none too pleased about one aspect of it.

Chairshots to the head had been banned by the promotion, but The Deadman and Triple H felt like it would add more brutality to their showdown. So they broke the rules.

What’s your favorite Triple H match? For me it’s Wrestlemania 27 vs Undertaker.. The Hell In Cell match is probably better but I just love this match

Both performers were fined an undisclosed amount at the time, with World Wrestling Entertainment releasing a statement that further reiterated their chair shot policy.


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