Several current and former WWE Superstars have named their children after fellow wrestlers

5 WWE Superstars who named their children after fellow wrestlers 

WWE Superstars are fans of the business as well, which means that several current and former stars have grown up idolizing certain wrestlers so much that they have decided to name their offspring after them.


Interestingly, only a handful of WWE Superstars, both current and former, have decided to take this step and name their children after a wrestler who inspired them when they were coming through the business. Several others have chosen a particular name for their child based on their own specific reason.

There are currently more couples in WWE than ever before and babies are being born regularly. Most stars look to give their children unique names since that seems to be an ongoing trend.

The following article looks at just five current and former WWE Superstars who decided to name their child after a fellow wrestler.

#5 Current WWE star AJ Styles named his son after Christopher Daniels

AJ Styles has been around the wrestling business for several decades but only came to WWE back in 2016, and he became an instant star.


AJ Styles has made many friends throughout his time in the business, but one of his closest friends is current AEW star Christopher Daniels. The two men are the best of friends and were recurring tag team partners throughout their time in IMPACT Wrestling.

The duo are former two-time NWA Tag Team Champions, and despite now being heavy hitters for two different promotions, the two men have remained close friends.

The two men have been on opposite sides of the ring several times in their career as well, and it's clear that they have some of the best chemistry in the business. Many IMPACT Wrestling fans still consider their 2005 matches as some of the best in the promotion's history.


AJ Styles has become well-known as a father on the WWE roster, since the former World Champion has three sons and a daughter who all bear AJ initials. What isn't so well-known is the fact that Styles was so close to Christopher Daniels in his early career that he named his son Ajay after him.

Ajay's middle name "Covell" is Daniel's real last name when he's not brawling with other performers in the squared circle. The AEW star is actually called Daniel Christopher Covell away from professional wrestling.

#4 Former WWE star Christopher Daniels named his son after AJ Styles


As noted as part of entry number one, current WWE star AJ Styles has been best friends with Christopher Daniels for most of his career. Daniels has been a massive player in IMPACT and Ring of Honor throughout his career, but he is also a former WWE Superstar.

Daniels signed a developmental contract back in 1998 before making his WWF debut later that year. He went on to make several ECW appearances before becoming one half of Los Conquistadores in 2000. Daniels also went on to appear in WCW before making a name for himself in IMPACT Wrestling.

The current AEW Superstar is a father, much like his best friend Styles, but he only has two children with his wife, Lisa. Much like Styles, Daniels decided to name his son after the former IMPACT star which is why his child bears the name Joshua Allen Covell.

Allen is the real first name of the former WWE Champion and the "A" in AJ Styles.

#3 Current WWE star Bruce Prichard named his son after Kane


Bruce Prichard has been around WWE since the late 1980s and was perhaps most famously the manager of The Undertaker when he made his WWE debut back in 1990.

Prichard was known as Brother Love on-screen before he went on to try out several other characters during his long run with the company, but he was most recognizable as himself.

Since 2016, Prichard has hosted his Something To Wrestle With Podcast on the WWE Network while also becoming part of WWE's Creative Team. At present, Prichard is the Executive Director of both SmackDown and RAW's writing teams.

Despite being a successful star himself, it appears that Prichard was a massive fan of a fellow WWE name throughout his career. He called his only son "Kane" after The Big Red Machine.

While Prichard is known as the original manager of The Undertaker in WWE, he wasn't able to work with Kane on-screen. However, the two men were close behind the scenes.

#2 Former WWE star Sarah Logan named her son after her husband Erik


The most recent name a part of the list is former WWE star Sarah Logan, who welcomed her first child with her husband Erik yesterday.

Logan was released from WWE back in April 2020, along with several other WWE stars following budget cuts. However, her husband has remained part of the company since announcing that Logan was expecting their first child.

The couple announced ahead of his birth that their son would be called Raymond Cash Rowe, after his father, whose real name is Raymond Rowe.

At present, Erik is one half of The Viking Raiders on WWE TV alongside Ivar. Still, he has only made a handful of appearances in recent months after his tag team partner suffered an injury back in September.

Logan and Rowe announced their son's arrival on Instagram yesterday after the former WWE star was forced to wait 42 weeks to meet her first child.

#1 Current WWE star Kevin Owens named his son after Owen Hart

Kevin Owens has been one of WWE's most popular stars since he was promoted to the main roster back in 2015. It was after the star joined the main roster that Owens was able to share stories about his son, Owen, and the fact that he was named after former WWE star Owen Hart.


While on the independent circuit, Owens was known under his real name of Kevin Steen. But, he was forced to change his ring name in WWE and decided to pay tribute to the legend himself by becoming Kevin Owens.

Owens was inspired by Owen throughout his early career and even revealed in an interview with Argus Leader that he speaks to the star before his matches.

“The only thing I’ll do every single time… not to get into the whole topic of religion here, but some people believe in God and some people believe in all kinds of things. I don’t have many particular beliefs, but I do believe in people who we’ve lost. I’ll speak to Owen Hart; he was a big influence on me as a young wrestler, and when he passed, I felt a great sense of loss. Ever since then I just talk to Owen Hart before every match and I ask him to be with me and make sure I don’t get hurt."

Kevin Owens' only son, Owen, has been part of several storylines throughout his time in WWE.


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