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5 WWE Superstars who shouldn't turn heel in 2020

  • In the world of WWE, most Superstars turn heel at some point in their career.
  • These WWE Superstars should not switch to the dark side anytime this year.
Rohit Nath
Modified 14 Aug 2020, 10:06 IST

In the world of wrestling and WWE, the entire set-up of programming and character build-up/progression isn't the same as a regular television show. You don't have off-seasons and while WWE superstars get to take time off that helps them return in a more refreshing way, there's normally a need for someone or the other to flip sides in terms of their character.


It could be a Superstar who's been a babyface or heel for too long and the timing and story are right for them to flip sides. Or, it could simply be a way of throwing a curveball on WWE fans.

We've seen a handful of heel and face turns this year, but in this list, we'll be focusing specifically on heel turns. There could be a variety of reasons but given that we're in the "COVID"/"Pandemic" era of WWE, the circumstances are entirely different.

Now we're not ruling out the possibility of them ever turning heel at some point in the future, but here are five individual cases and why they shouldn't turn heel.

#5 Samoa Joe - a long-time heel for WWE

Samoa Joe and Seth Rollins during Dominik's WWE contract signing

Samoa Joe is a superstar who has been a heel for most of his WWE career. While he had a brief babyface run on RAW earlier in 2020, another concussion would put him out of action for a while - with WWE deciding to have him replace Jerry 'The King' Lawler on commentary instead.


He's been great in that role - as he is in any role. The indication of his involvement in the Seth Rollins-Dominik Mysterio storyline seems to be that he'll be making his WWE in-ring return soon and once he's fully immersed in WWE programming again, he should remain a babyface.

While RAW could do with some top heels, Samoa Joe deserves a good run as a babyface and hopefully, a title run at some point as well. However, it all depends on where WWE feels he should be placed on the roster. It wouldn't make much sense for Samoa Joe to suddenly turn heel after supporting Dominick Mysterio.

While his beef with Dominick and Rey Mysterio from last year seems to have been quietly forgotten, Samoa Joe is the kind of superstar who is an all-rounder - meaning that he can fit perfectly in any role that's given to him at any point.

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Published 14 Aug 2020, 10:06 IST