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5 WWE Superstars who could've been in John Cena's version of the nWo

  • At WrestleMania 36, we got a glimpse of what could've been if John Cena revived the New World Order.
  • Here is a list of 5 superstars who should have been a part of the modern-day nWo.
Soumik Datta

The New World Order is arguably one of the greatest factions of all time in the world of Professional Wrestling and was a key element in WCW leading the charts over WWE in the Monday Night Wars during the 1990s.

In 1996, when Scott Hall and Kevin Nash invaded Monday Nitro, the seeds for the birth of the nWo were initially planted. Later that year at WCW: Bash at the Beach, fan-favorite Hulk Hogan was revealed as the mystery third man, as he finally turned heel and formed The New World Order with Hall and Nash.

Hogan's heel turn and the birth of the nWo was a revolutionary move in the Pro Wrestling world and the faction clearly influenced the business by expanding across promotions such as WCW, WWF/WWE, and even NJPW (New Japan Pro Wrestling).

With the WCW version of nWo being long gone, WWE did move forward with their own version of the group which included the likes of Kevin Nash, Big Show, X-Pac, and surprisingly also had D-Generation X legend, Shawn Michaels in their ranks, as well.

However, it was pretty obvious that WWE's version of the nWo would never live-up to the hype that was initially established by WCW in the Attitude Era. Since then, WWE has had quite a few memorable factions including The Sheild, The Wyatt Family, The Nexus, Evolution, and the Straight Edge Society. Despite achieving a huge amount of success, none of these stables managed to live up to the legacy that was created by the New World Order.

However, one of the biggest unanswered questions of all time was what if WWE had decided to recreate a newer version of the New World Order revolving around John Cena? After all, Cena was arguably WWE's biggest babyface of all time following Hulk Hogan and at one point in time, the WWE Universe desperately wanted to have him go rogue.

Those questions were somewhat answered at WrestleMania 36 when Bray Wyatt introduced the WWE Universe to the nWo version of John Cena, while the former himself portrayed the role of Eric Bischoff.

With WWE recently asking their fans on social media, which superstars we would've liked to see in Cena's version of the nWo? I've decided to come up with a list of my very own, focusing on 5 superstars who could've been a part of John Cena's version of the New World Order.

#5 Robert Roode

Robert Roode

Since making his 'Glorious' debut in WWE, many fans have healthily compared the former NXT Champion to a modern version of Rick Rude.

Roode is naturally charismatic and has always been a solid heel performer. Having Robert Roode in John Cena's version of the nWo as the modern day version of Rick Rude would definitely be the perfect decision.

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Published 10 Apr 2020, 23:11 IST