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5 WWE Superstars' wives who have their own businesses

5 WWE Superstars' wives who have their own businesses

While their husbands perform in the WWE ring, a few superstars' wives run their own businesses.


Many WWE Superstars have tied the knot with fellow wrestlers over the past few years. Others are married to women who work full-time jobs. Drew McIntyre's wife, Kaitlyn, for example, is a doctor. AJ Styles is also married to a woman who has a regular full-time job. Styles' wife, Wendy, works as a school teacher.

A few WWE Superstars' wives are neither wrestlers nor working full-time jobs. Instead, they launched their own projects and opened businesses. While a few of these women decided to try their luck in the fashion industry, others preferred to work in different fields like fitness and film production.

Although some of these women run their businesses totally on their own, others use the help of their husbands occasionally.

Here are five WWE Superstars' wives who have their own businesses.

#5. WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg - Wanda Ferraton


Goldberg is a WWE Legend and a Hall of Famer. He is also an actor and a car collector. His wife, Wanda Ferraton, is multi-talented, too. Ferraton, who comes from Saskatchewan in Canada, works as a professional stuntwoman and TV host.

Goldberg and Ferraton met on the movie set of Santa's Slay in Ca. They tied the knot 16 years ago. They now have a son named Gage, who recently appeared on Monday Night RAW alongside his father.

Ferraton's talents are not limited to being a stuntwoman and TV host. The 51-year-old also runs a business. Goldberg's wife owns a custom furniture company called Hide and Chic Boutique. She also launched a purse collection with her friend Danielle, branding it DW.

Ferraton's husband recently returned to WWE after months of absence. He challenged Bobby Lashley for the WWE Championship at SummerSlam but came up short. After the match, Lashley attempted to attack Goldberg with a steel chair, but Gage interfered to stop The All Mighty from hurting his father. Instead, Lashley put Gage in the Hurt Lock.


Goldberg recently appeared on Monday Night RAW to address Lashley's attack on his son. The WWE Hall of Famer told him that Goldberg would not be coming for his WWE Championship anymore, but for his soul.

#4. WWE Superstar Robert Stone - Tara Sue Gally

WWE Superstar Robert Stone had a long wrestling career before joining WWE in 2019. Since signing with Vince McMahon's company, he has established the Robert Stone Brand on NXT, managing a few talented female wrestlers, including Aliyah and Chelsea Green.


Stone's wife, Tara Sue Gally, is also a talented lady. She is an athlete and a businesswoman.

Gally holds a Bachelor of Science, Health and Physical Education/Fitness degree from Middlesex County College. She co-owns the F45 Training Baldwin Park fitness studio in Florida. Although her husband is her business partner, the couple has an agreement that the project is primarily Gally's.

In an interview with the Rip It Up Podcast, Gally revealed that she realized she wanted to own a business several years ago but was hesitant. She was then working as a regional director for 24-Hour Fitness. Robert Stone's wife said that emotional and financial fear is the main reason athletes and fitness gurus do not often start their own businesses.

Stone and Gally dated for a few years before getting married in 2011. Two years later, the couple split and got divorced. However, they tied the knot again in 2015.

#3. WWE Superstar Randy Orton - Kim Kessler


Randy Orton is one of the most successful WWE Superstars in history. He has been one of the faces of WWE for the past two decades. The Viper is now also the face of his wife's clothing brand, Slthr.

Orton's wife, Kim Kessler, launched a clothing line last year called Slthr. She sells t-shirts, hoodies, and joggers. She also sells some accessories like face masks and mugs.

Kessler has been using her husband as a model for her brand. She also became a model for women's clothing.

The Apex Predator of WWE has expressed his support for his wife's work on several occasions. During his appearance on Broken Skull with Stone Cold Steve Austin, Orton confessed that he was proud of his wife:

"Like I tell you what, I'm doing my thing in the ring, she is doing her thing at home raising five kids. On the side, she is also the owner of her own company Slthr. And yeah, we are selling some merch man. I'll tell you what, if it's me to a tee I love it. I'm proud of her," Orton said.

Orton and Kim married six years ago. Together, they raise five children, three from Kim's first marriage, one from Orton's, and their daughter.

#2. WWE Superstar The Miz - Maryse Ouellet

WWE Superstar The Miz is married to former Divas Champion Maryse Ouellet. Maryse is a very talented lady. Throughout her career, she worked in different fields, including modeling, pro wrestling, and acting.

Maryse joined WWE in 2007 following her participation in the 2006 Diva Search competition. She spent nearly five years in the company before getting released in October 2011. Following her release, the former Divas Champion became a licensed realtor. She also started her own clothing and jewelry company called House of Maryse. Besides being the owner of the project, she is also the designer.

"House of Maryse is an online store where you can buy jewelry, bikinis, lingerie, all those beautiful things I love to wear on a daily basis. It's available in 400 stores so it's a really big project of mine," Maryse explained on her LinkedIn profile.

The Miz and Maryse married in 2014 after dating for several years. They now have two daughters. In recent years, the 38-year-old made several sporadic appearances alongside her husband in WWE.

#1. WWE Superstar Shane McMahon - Marissa Mazzola

Shane McMahon comes from a family of businessmen. In addition to being a minority owner in WWE, McMahon is the founder and executive vice-chairman of Ideanomics. His wife, Marissa Mazzola, is also a businesswoman.

Mazzola graduated from Greenwich Academy in 1991. She kicked off her professional career working as a public relations officer at Dan Klores. She then worked in a few different roles in WWE, including director of public relations.

In 2005, Shane McMahon's wife founded a production company called Kamala Films in New York. She participated in the production of a few movies, including A Private War and Anamorph. According to IMDB, Mazzola is currently participating in the production of two new movies.


Shane and Mazzola tied the knot in 1996. The couple now has three sons. They have appeared with their father on WWE TV on a few occasions.

Although he is not a regular in-ring competitor, Shane likes to fight in the squared circle occasionally. The 51-year-old has last competed in a WWE ring in April. Shane O'Mac went head-to-head against Braun Strowman in a cage match at WrestleMania 37 but lost.


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