6 superstars who won all the Championships during their WWE career

Here we are looking at some of the guys who achieved the rare feat of winning all the major titles in WWE.

Brock was a ‘Beast’ but he was never a guy who belonged to the mid card

The simplest way to achieve glory in WWE is to win a Championship. This would take your name to a different level and you will be an altogether different entity after your title victory.

Based on the talent available on the roster, the company has designed titles under three heads- Tag Team division, the mid card and the main event.

Each of these divisions has at least one title under their purview. The maximum number of titles, however, belong to the Mid Card division where you have the Intercontinental Championship, US Championship, Cruiserweight Championship, Hardcore Championship etc.

Some of them have become extinct over the years but some continue to exist even today. 

How about someone who won all the existing titles during their WWE career? Only 6 superstars have achieved that till now and as part of this slideshow, let us have a quick look at all of them who did this-

Note: The Universal title has not been counted for this list.

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Published 19 Jun 2016, 14:05 IST