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The Undertaker and Kane were brothers beyond the business

6 times The Undertaker and Kane acted like brothers in real life

Throughout its history, WWE have witnessed countless storylines involving kayfabe, as well as real-life siblings. One of the relationships that really stood the test of time was shared between The Undertaker and Kane. From insane hatred towards each other to an unfathomable love, these two on-screen brothers shared a long relationship on WWE television.


Undertaker always had a soft corner for Kane, and he truly acted like his big brother behind the camera. Their relationship extended beyond both the squared circle and creative demands.


In fact, it was their real-life bond which helped both Kane and Undertaker in delivering one of the best story-telling that we have ever witnessed in WWE history. It is indeed the biggest proof that not all brotherhood requires a blood bond.


In this article, we will look at a few instances which prove that The Undertaker and Kane’s brotherly bond extended beyond the WWE television. So, without further ado, let's begin.

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#6 The Undertaker’s tough love towards Kane

The Undertaker always told Kane what he needed to hear

Kane is undoubtedly one of the most dedicated performers in the history of the pro-wrestling business. However, before he donned the gear of Kane, Glenn Jacobs would do anything and everything that was given to him. As a result, he had lost a lot of his credibility.

Things got worse when he stopped standing up for himself. But The Undertaker, who had identified Kane’s talent by then, refused to simply stand on the side and watch Kane burn his career to the ground. In an interview, Kane revealed how Undertaker’s talk with him changed his entire career.

“I was having a lot of trouble. I wasn’t happy and it showed. Mark pulled me aside after the match and basically said, "Look dude, Vince likes you. I like you. But unless you get your butt in gear, you’re going to be out of here. You belong here, now starting act like it." That lit a fire under me, and it’s probably the most important moment of my wrestling career.”
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It was indeed a great suggestion from The Undertaker. He always wanted to get the best out of Kane and motivated him right from the beginning. But he also didn’t shy away from giving his kayfabe brother a real talk whenever it was required.


He didn’t need to help someone who was a nobody in the business at that time, but Undertaker believed otherwise. And thus, had began an unforgettable era of brotherly bond in WWE.

#5 The Undertaker selflessly invested himself in Kane’s storylines

The Undertaker always protected Kane

One of the most interesting things about the early days of the friendship between The Undertaker and Kane is the former’s investment in everything that concerned his kayfabe brother.


Ever since Kane made his debut, Undertaker always ensured that the creative have good plans for him. Even when The Phenom was not involved in Kane’s feuds, he still made it a point to see that the storylines were compelling and did justice to Kane’s gimmick.

“Back then everyone was interested in protecting their spot often at the expense of new guys. That was never the case with Mark. He wanted to help the new guys along. I would never have been able to have the career that I had without him. He had always been an advocate for me.”

Kane revealed that unlike other top Superstars in the company, The Undertaker never used him as a stepping stone. Instead, he bent over backwards to ensure Kane was pushed in the right manner.


He would often talk to Vince McMahon about suitable storylines for Kane, and often used his creative influence to keep his brother away from mediocre narrations. Undertaker proved to be a great mentor for Kane, and the latter had nothing but respect for the Phenom.

#4 The Undertaker stopped Kane from leaving WWE

The shared a great bond long after the 'Brothers of Destruction' gimmick

Regardless of the success that is enjoyed in WWE, there comes a time when even the top Superstars feel lost. The same thing happened to Kane, who started struggling in both his professional and personal life. As a result, there was a time when Kane came very close to leaving WWE because he couldn’t enjoy what he was doing. However, The Undertaker talked him out of that decision. He reminded Kane of his abilities and gave him the clearance that the latter desperately needed at that point.

“Even our personal lives. I remember one time, again, you know you I go through these periods where I’m like ‘I don’t want to do this anymore’ and I talk to Taker and he says, ‘As long as you’re having fun and you’re capable, it’s your decision again, but keep on doing it.”

The Undertaker never wanted Kane to leave everything and go because he knew that the latter would regret his decision later. Hence, he did what any well-wisher would do and objectively explained why he should hang on for a little while longer.

Ultimately, it paid off because Kane soon regained his momentum and went on to become one of the successful Superstars of his time.

#3 The Undertaker wrestled with a broken ankle for Kane

Undertaker would do anything to get Kane over with the crowd

We know that The Undertaker loves putting over younger talent. He has done it for so many other Superstars in the WWE locker-room, but he did the unthinkable for Kane.


During one of their matches, Undertaker’s ankle was broken. However, he had to put Kane over with the crowd and thus, he went on to perform, despite all the pain.

“I remember Mark’s hips and back were really bothering him. After the match, I saw him collapse on the stairs and get right back up. You would have never known he was in so much pain during the match. Another night in Houston, Texas, which is Mark’s hometown, and he had some of his family there. We’re having a match, and he’d broken his ankle a few days before at TV. I don’t think we knew his ankle was broken at this point, and we’re trying to have this match, but he can barely move, so I’m trying to move around him. Despite the fact that he was in a lot of pain, he tried to get me as over as he possibly could.”

Undertaker took a huge risk for his on-screen brother because his career could have been cut short if his injury got worse. However, he chose Kane’s push over his own health.

It was seriously one of the most selfless things that anyone can do in this business. There’s a reason why Kane has nothing but love and respect for his on-screen brother, even after so many years.

#2 The Undertaker always helped Kane in his personal life

The Undertaker always had Kane's back

Most of the other stories in this article are related to the backstage equation between The Undertaker and Kane in WWE, but they both share a similar bond in real life.


Kane has always said that he goes to Undertaker even when he faces problems in real life. And more often than not, ‘Taker has insightful advice for his brother.

“Even in my campaign [for Mayor]. He came to Knoxville and he did an appearance for my campaign, he never does stuff like that. He’s just been more than instrumental. There wouldn’t have been a Kane if there hadn’t been an Undertaker and I wouldn’t have the success I had unless he had my back.”

From helping Kane with his campaign to supporting him in his tough times, Undertaker never shied away from helping out his on-screen sibling. If anything, he donned the role of an elder brother and showed unconditional support to Kane.

The latter also reciprocated in the same manner, which led to the beautiful bond that both these Superstars share in real life.


#1 Kane refused to break The Undertaker’s WrestleMania streak

Kane chose Undertaker over a career-changing moment

At WrestleMania 30, the entire WWE Universe stood on disbelief when The Undertaker's legendary unbeaten streak was broken by Brock Lesnar. But Lesnar was not the first one who was considered to break The Undertaker's WrestleMania streak.


Kane was one of the several names which were chosen to break Undertaker's streak at some point, but he refused to do it. Years later, when Kane witnessed the streak being broken, he stormed out of room in anger.

“My reaction, when I was watching, I thought the finish got messed up. I was like, ‘they’re going to restart the match or something because something got screwed up.’ They didn’t. I walked out of the room. I was literally so mad about it. I know that the streak wasn't something that anybody had ever planned and it was just something that had kind of organically evolved, but it had become a part of WrestleMania lore at that point."

Kane wanted to repay The Undertaker for everything that the latter had done for him. They were at the end of a brilliant storyline and ending one of the most iconic streaks would have elevated his career to a whole new level.

Yet, Kane refused to do the same and insisted that his kayfabe brother should continue with the unbeatable streak at the Grandest Stage of Them All.

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