Vince McMahon has asked some Superstars to do some rather unusual things

6 Unusual things that Vince McMahon has asked WWE Superstars to do

  • Vince McMahon has asked WWE Superstars to do some rather unusual things that even they weren't fans of.
  • Which of these unusual things do you think made Vince McMahon cross the line in WWE?
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Being the Chairman of the largest wrestling promotion in the world is tough, and Vince McMahon has shown for decades how one can lead a company in the right direction with the right skills. WWE has benefited for years from Vince McMahon’s vision, and we’ve seen him make changes to several aspects of wrestling and his Superstars to ensure that the fans get the best entertainment.


While Vince McMahon has asked his Superstars to do many things to change their characters or during storylines, some of his requests have been rather bizarre and unusual.

Over the years, McMahon has asked his Superstars to do several things such as change their wrestling attire, their character, the way they talk, and some of their moves.

However, in this article, we will look at the six most unusual things that Vince McMahon has asked WWE Superstars to do over the years.

#6 WWE Chairman Vince McMahon asked EC3 to speak like a weatherman

WWE is stacked with some of the best talkers in the industry. Superstars like The Rock, Chris Jericho, The Miz, and Kevin Owens made it over big thanks to their incredible mic-skills along with in-ring abilities. While it’s not unusual for Superstars to go overboard with their promos and be a little over the top, Vince McMahon wasn’t too fond of EC3’s way of speaking.


EC3 was a guest on Chris Jericho’s “Talk Is Jericho” podcast where he spoke about the time Vince McMahon had a meeting with him and made the unusual request of speaking like a weatherman.

“Yes, I did the four hour waits in the hallways. I had a couple of conversations with him. They were all very positive. He really said everything people say about him. He said, you look great. I know you can talk. You have a ton of charisma. You are a good worker but you’re not super flashy and that’s ok, because some of my top draws were never flashy guys. I’m like, ok, cool. Can I talk? He said, well I think you are a little over the top. I’m thinking, how many promos have you seen of me? One. I think they saw one and it was shot in my pool at the condo and it was fairly over the top. Regardless, you’re basing this on one promo. He said, why don’t you speak like a weatherman. Very monotone and one dimensional.”  

There are several ways that Vince McMahon has changed his Superstars’ gimmicks and careers, but it’s unusual for him to ask one of his Superstars to be ‘monotone and one dimensional’ to get over.

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Published 25 Nov 2020, 19:10 IST
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