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  • 7 things you didn't know about Shawn Michaels and Rebecca Curci's relationship - Indecent websites almost ended their marriage, HBK refused WWE Chairman's request
Seven things you didn't know about Shawn Michaels and Rebecca Curci's relationship

7 things you didn't know about Shawn Michaels and Rebecca Curci's relationship - Indecent websites almost ended their marriage, HBK refused WWE Chairman's request

While Shawn Michaels' wrestling career is well-known to the WWE Universe, fans do not know much about his private life, including his relationship with his wife Rebecca Curci.

Before meeting Curci, The Heartbreak Kid was involved in several romances. He was married to Theresa Wood for six years before they split in 1994. Two years later, he had a love affair with WWE Hall of Famer Sunny. However, it only lasted for nine months.


After meeting Curci, who worked for WCW in 1998, Michaels' life changed for the better. He became more religious and quit many bad habits, including drug use. However, the couple also went through some hard times.

Although HBK has not talked much about his relationship with Curci, he has disclosed several details about their marriage in his autobiography, "Wrestling for My Life: The Legend, the Reality, and the Faith of a WWE Superstar".

Here are seven things you didn't know about WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels and Rebecca Curci's relationship.


#7. Shawn Michaels almost lost his chance to date Rebecca Curci

WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels and her wife Rebecca Curci

While watching WCW Monday Nitro in 1998, one of the Nitro Girls caught Shawn Michaels' eye. The girl was Rebecca Curci, who appeared on WCW as Whisper. HBK later spoke about her to his friend Rich Minzer, who ran a gym in California and had several clients from the wrestling industry. When Minzer asked Michaels if he would like him to get her number, he instantly agreed.

Although Michaels' friend did get him Curci's number, the WWE Hall of Famer was reluctant to call her. His reluctance almost cost him his chance to date the then-Nitro Girl, as Shawn wrote in his autobiography:

"I was reluctant to call Rebecca because I felt like a stalker. After a couple of days, Rich called and said he had received a voice mail from Rebecca saying that she hadn't heard from me and she guessed it wasn't meant to be."

HBK finally picked up the phone and called his future wife. From there, the couple kicked off their relationship.

#6. Rebecca Curci had no idea who Shawn Michaels was before dating him

Rebecca Curci had no idea who Shawn Michaels was before dating him

Although Rebecca was working in the wrestling business, where Shawn Michaels was a famous WWE star, she had no idea who he was when they started talking on the phone.

In his autobiography, HBK confessed that he felt nothing like his on-screen character when he talked to Curci, which he liked:

"The funny thing was that even though Rebecca was part of Nitro, she wasn't a fan of wrestling and had no idea who I was. Likely because I felt nothing like the Shawn Michaels character on TV who was brash and supremely confident around girls, I liked that," he wrote.

After talking on the phone for two weeks, the two finally met in San Antonio. HBK instantly fell in love with the Nitro Girl. He also discovered that she was also nothing like her on-screen character:

"Surprisingly for someone who played a dancer on television, she was humble and didn't carry herself like the unbelievably beautiful woman that she was. She was a traditional type of woman who enjoyed staying home and cooking. In many ways, we both were different in real life than who we were on television."

After dating Curci for a short while, Michaels decided to marry her. The couple tied the knot in 1999.

#5. Shawn Michaels' family was not supportive of his marriage to Rebecca Curci

WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels with his wife and children

Shawn Michaels and Rebecca Curci married just a few months after they met. However, HBK's family was not fully supportive of their decision. Although they loved Curci, they feared Michaels was rushing into the marriage.

In his autobiography, Michaels detailed his family's reaction to his decision to marry Curci:

"When I told family members and close friends that I wanted to marry Rebecca, I think all of them became concerned that I was rushing into the marriage. Everyone who met Rebecca absolutely loved her, so who I wanted to marry wasn't the problem. My mom expressed the most concern because of the place I was at in my life then. I hadn't exactly been the bastion of good judgment. She wanted me to spend more time getting to know Rebecca, to make sure that Rebecca's intentions were as pure as they appeared. Although my family and friends were supportive of me being with Rebecca, they weren’t supportive of us marrying yet," he wrote.

Despite his family's concerns, Michaels did not change his mind. He has been married to Curci for over two decades now.

#4. Shawn Michaels did not want his wife to work


When Shawn Michaels and Rebecca Curci married, the latter was still working as a Nitro Girl. Nevertheless, HBK later asked her to quit because he wanted to take care of her.

Although she was initially reluctant to leave her job, Curci eventually agreed. The couple then had to find a way to terminate her contract with WCW.

In his autobiography, Michaels revealed that convincing WCW to let his wife go was no easy task because the promotion suspected she would join him in WWE:

"Rebecca had a three-year contract with Nitro, and it took some work to get her out of the contract because Nitro suspected she was trying to join me at WWE. We had no such plans. After negotiations by lawyers, Nitro released Rebecca with the stipulation that she could not go to work for WWE for the duration of her contract," he explained.

After leaving WCW, Curci never worked again in the wrestling business. However, she made a few appearances with her husband in WWE.

#3. Shawn Michaels did not look at DX girls out of respect for Rebecca


During D-Generation X's first run, several female fans flashed their bodies for Shawn Michaels and Triple H. They were called DX Girls. Although HBK had no problem with them earlier in his career, things changed when DX reunited in 2006.

In the mid-2000s, Michaels had already become more religious. He was also married and did not want to give any wrong impressions to his wife.

"Scantily clad women were still part of the DX (and WWE) routine. When they would come out, I would put my hands over my eyes. In our earlier days, women flashing us had been part of our shtick. After we reformed DX, there was one time when I recall Hunter having a woman flash him. In character, I walked off-camera so I wouldn't be a part of it. Even though that was all acting, I was married and didn’t want to give any impression that I would flirt with or be interested in anyone other than Rebecca," he explained in his autobiograpy.

D-Generation X remains one of the most popular factions in WWE history. Meanwhile, Michaels and Triple H are still very close friends.

#2. Shawn Michaels refused a request from the WWE Chairman

Shawn Michaels worked closely with Vince McMahon in WWE

Attending Bible studies has been part of Shawn Michaels and Rebecca Curci's routine for many years. While still an in-ring competitor on Monday Night RAW, Michaels went to a Bible study every Tuesday night. His wife took part in another during the day.

To avoid disturbing their routine, HBK once had to refuse a request from Vince McMahon:

"The only time I had to stand firm against one of Vince's requests was to keep my schedule where Rebecca and I could make our weekly Bible studies. Our studies were that important to both of us. (...) I had been appearing on Monday night Raw, and The Undertaker had been on Tuesday night’s SmackDown episodes seemingly forever. When we (him and McMahon) were talking about a contract for me, he brought up the idea of my moving to SmackDown. I told him I wouldn’t do that. He asked why, and I told him I had to be home Tuesday mornings so my wife could go to her Bible study, and then my Bible study was on Tuesday nights while SmackDown was being shot," Michaels wrote in his autobiography.

McMahon initially offered Michaels a million dollars to sign a new contract. However, he told him he would cut his offer to 500 thousand if he insisted on not moving to SmackDown. HBK agreed to sacrifice half a million dollars.

"I told Vince that I wouldn't move to Tuesday nights and that I didn't care if it meant making half the money. Vince wasn't trying to be a difficult negotiator — he was honest, sincere, and upfront, and I was the same with him. I understood what he was thinking, too, from an employer's standpoint. If an employee tells his boss that he wants to work twenty hours a week instead of forty, obviously his paycheck will be affected. The fact is, our family received more out of Rebecca's and my Bible studies than anything money could buy us," Michaels added.

In the end, McMahon decided it was best for Michaels to stay on the Red Brand. He seemingly did not reduce HBK's contract after all.

#1. Shawn Michaels and Rebecca Curci almost divorced because of indecent websites

The WWE Hall of Famer's wife once asked for a divorce

Over the past 23 years, Shawn Michaels and Rebecca Curci have had many good times together. The couple also went through several tough ones. The WWE Hall of Famer revealed in his autobiography that his wife once asked for a divorce after discovering that he had watched indecent content online.

The WWE Hall of Famer disclosed that although he initially denied his wife's accusations, he later had to confess after she confronted him with his browsing history:

"When Cameron was a baby, and before my salvation, we bought a computer. As I was learning how to use it, a buddy showed me some web sites. Yeah, those kinds. Rebecca asked if I had been looking at p**n. 'Nope,' I said. I hadn't learned that it's possible to check the history of web sites that have been called up on a computer. Rebecca asked again, and I denied again. She called up the history list, and I had to admit what I had been doing," he wrote.

Curci then called her husband's lawyer. She told him that she wanted a divorce. The former Nitro Girl also left the couple's house with her son. However, Curci returned home the next day and had a conversation with her husband, during which she explained to him how he had hurt her:

"I love Rebecca — always have loved her — and not wanting to break her heart again motivated me. I think she saw that even though it had to be a scary time for her. I told her I wouldn't look at p**n again, and in the fifteen years since, I have stayed true to my promise. From that moment, we started down the road to strengthening our relationship," Michaels added in his book.

HBK also disclosed that he had to change the way he loved Curci for their marriage to survive. He explained that he initially did not understand the importance of the family or his role as a husband and father.

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