Lesnar doesn't play by the rules.

7 Times Brock Lesnar went off script in the WWE

Here’s the hierarchy in the WWE in ascending order – jobbers, lower mid-card, upper-mid-card, main event talent, Brock Lesnar.


The WWE Universal Champion is not your average WWE Superstar. He isn’t just another talent on WWE’s payroll either. He probably has his own rulebook that even he fails to abide by from time to time. And nobody, not even Vince McMahon, it seems, can assuredly have his way over the former UFC Heavyweight Champion.


Now, this shouldn’t be construed as a statement to undermine the talent and value of Lesnar, no; the Beast Incarnate is one heck of an athlete who has the quintessential ‘IT’ factor. Lesnar’s bulldozing persona has only been enhanced by the wizardry of Paul Heyman on the microphone.


Additionally, the monster booking afforded to him by the WWE Creative rounds up a character that has an accentuated sense of realism about it in the carefully scripted realm of the WWE.


Lesnar, though, is his own master and has often broken the code by going off script on numerous occasions. The off-script moments in this list can only be expected from Lesnar, and unsurprisingly enough, is perhaps the only superstar who would get away with it without any repercussions…



#1 Lesnar doesn’t care for the kids



It was the August 15th, 2016 episode of Raw and Heyman was in the middle of the ring with his esteemed client to send a message to Randy Orton prior to the now infamously bloody SummerSlam match.

Lo and Behold, the hottest free agent in sports entertainment at the time, Heath Slater came out to the surprise of the fans at Corpus Christi. He begged for a chance to face Lesnar, as a win would have given him a spot on the Raw roster.

Heyman no-sold and commanded the cameraman to ignore the former 3MB member. Triggered! Slater snapped and said that he needed this match as he had two kids to feed.

Lesnar snatched the microphone off Heyman’s hand. If history was anything to go by, moments when Lesnar took the mic in his hand always ended up being hilariously good! He initially sympathized before declaring that ‘he didn’t give a s*** about Slater’s kids.”


As revealed by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter after the show, the aforementioned line was not part of the script handed down to the Beast.

Brad Maddox would have been biting his tongue watching this somewhere as he was fired for saying "cocky pricks" during a promo. The funny thing is that it was a dark segment for a SmackDown taping.

You get the bail if you push the ticket sales!

As for Slater, he has unfortunately built a legacy for himself by being cannon fodder to some of the top talents in the industry.

#2 Party is over grandpa!

While we know Paul Heyman makes Brock Lesnar look like a million bucks, this particular incident is one of the biggest reasons why Lesnar should be allowed to cut promos more frequently.

The main event segment of the August 11th, 2014 episode of Raw was dedicated to the 61st birthday celebrations of Hulk Hogan. A gathering of legends as iconic names such as Ric Flair, Kevin Nash, Paul Orndorff, Roddy Piper, Scott Hall and Mene Gene Okerlund shared the ring with the Hulkster as the entire roster watched along from the ramp.


The festivities were smooth sailing until Lesnar’s entrance theme hit. The Beast, who was the WWE Champion at the time, marched towards the ring flanked by his advocate, who certainly weren’t there for a piece of cake or to share their sugar-coated greetings.

He had a staredown with the legends in the ring before going face-to-face with Hogan. He then grabbed the mic and uttered, “Party’s over grandpa!”

Expectedly enough, the off-the-cuff statement wasn’t part of the manuscript and didn’t go down too well with Hogan, who called out Lesnar for apparently crossing the line.

Tensions died down after John Cena made his way down to the ring making Lesnar retreat. But the shots were already fired in pure Lesnar style.

Scripted or not, just let Lesnar say a couple of words every week and you get the entertainment in sports entertainment.

#3 Slow down Strowman!

Wrestling with the Beast is a whole different ball game.

Brock Lesnar is indubitably one of the stiffest workers of all time. After all, he has a history of legitimately fighting some of the baddest dudes on the planet during his time in the UFC. Pro wrestling matches are orchestrated but every now and then a wrestler may actually get a hard knock.

Remember Rollins breaking John Cena’s nose during a match on Raw? Cena is a good bloke who let Rollins off the hook but Lesnar isn’t cut from the same cloth as the Cenation leader.

During the Triple Threat Universal title match at last year’s Royal Rumble event, Strowman genuinely connected with a firm knee to Lesnar’s face.

The UFC fighter in Lesnar was awakened as a result as an infuriated Beast Incarnate let loose a nasty punch right to the jaw of the Monster Among Men. The in-ring microphone even caught Lesnar saying the words “slow the f*** down.”

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You don’t screw it up with Lesnar in the ring as his act of retaliation may actually knock your lights out for good!


Even someone of Brawn Strowman's stature had to learn this the hard way. Imagine the rest of the locker room.

#4 Lesnar busts Cena open

Brock Lesnar returned to the WWE in 2012 to much fanfare and targeted Cena on his first night back with the company that put him on the map.

His return was facilitated in order to bring back the ‘legitimacy’ to WWE and he did exactly what was asked of him during an epic brawl with WWE’s Franchise Player on the episode of Raw on April 9th, 2012. It was one of the WWE’s favorite offerings wherein the entire locker room came out to diffuse the volatility of the ruckus caused by two rivals but to no avail.

Lesnar drew first blood as he took Cena down and unleashed some vicious ground and pound. This was planned. What followed was not. Lesnar accidentally busted open the 16-time WWE champion with a proper punch that wasn’t supposed to land the way it did. Cena began bleeding from the mouth and thankfully, it all meshed well with their Extreme Rules feud.


Vince McMahon isn’t a big fan of blood, but he may have given this instance a pass as it only strengthened the storyline.

#5 The gory Hell in a Cell match against The Undertaker

There were times when chair shots and bloodshed were a staple feature on WWE programming. PG Ratings came in and WWE moved to a more family-friendly approach which has inarguably taken the sheen off an exhilarating product. Don’t we miss the good old days?

Nonetheless, the mere appearance of blood on WWE TV in the PG Era would have Vince McMahon throwing a fit backstage, albeit a few occasions where he would have sanctioned it himself. He wasn't prepared for what happened in the rubber match between Lesnar and Undertaker in their trilogy at Hell in a Cell 2015.

The brutal 18-minute showdown proved to be a fitting final chapter in the engaging rivalry between the veterans. However, while fans enjoyed the chaotic display in what was truly Hell in a Cell, Vince McMahon was reportedly ‘freaking out’ backstage after Lesnar was busted open a few minutes into the match. The boss sent a few doctors out to clean Lesnar’s cut up but the Beast reciprocated by attacking the medics.


As revealed by Mike Johnson of PWInsider, the attack on the doctors was a 100% shoot and happened in the spur of the moment. The bloodshed too wasn’t a result of blading and happened the hard way. Even the Undertaker was busted open by the bare-knuckle punches of Lesnar later on in the match, which further highlighted the alleged unprofessionalism of the Beast.

It’s believed that both Undertaker and Lesnar were trying their best to make the grand finale a spectacle and incorporated bloody elements to suit the Hell in a Cell theme without the approval of the boss of course.

McMahon wasn’t too pleased, especially with Lesnar for assaulting the doctors in a fit of rage.

#6 The Cadillac car door

The adrenaline rush can sometimes make you do regretful things. Lesnar almost cost WWE tons of money and a troublesome lawsuit after one of his most destructive segments almost went awfully wrong.


The success of Seth Rollins’ heel run as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion was partly attributed to his stooges, aka the security team, J&J security. Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury bailed the Architect out from many sticky situations and it was only fitting that Rollins did offer something in gratitude.

Mercury and Noble were treated to a shiny new Cadillac but the gift ended up being destroyed by Lesnar. The WWE title contender trashed the car with an axe and in an impulsive flow, flung the car door into the audience.

Fan footage showed that the door almost clocked a fan in attendance. Fortunately enough, WWE released a statement confirming that the fan refused any medical assistance and came out of the attack unscathed.

This just goes on to show you the volatility associated with having Brock Lesnar in your ranks. There is simply no stopping him when he is in his zone.


Lesnar should just stick to throwing his opponents around inside the ring. That makes it a safe bet for all parties involved.

#7 WrestleMania 34

A majority of fans expected Roman Reigns to defeat Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 34 to become the new Universal Champion. Instead, WWE resorted to the shock-value factor by handing Lesnar the win after a grueling main event. As revealed by ProWrestling Sheet, the Beast reportedly went off the script during the tail-end of the match in which The Big Dog was busted open and was subjected to six F5s.

While this is unconfirmed speculation, what we know for sure is that McMahon and Lesnar had an explosive altercation after the match. Lesnar returned to the Gorilla Position a frustrated man and threw the Universal title at the boss who was seated in his usual position in front of the monitors.

McMahon also seemed to have mouthed off a few expletives at Lesnar and was said to be really angry with his prized employee's demeanor.


A recent episode of WWE 24 had footage of Lesnar and McMahon’s post-WrestleMania squabble which adds authenticity to reports of Lesnar potentially going off script in the title match. What did Lesnar exactly do that wasn’t part of the script is still anyone’s guess but it wasn’t something that particularly pleased the boss.

Even the fans were let down by the finish and fast forward to a year later and we head into another WrestleMania with Lesnar as the champion. Some things never change…

Do you recollect any moments of Lesnar going off the script that aren't on this list? Let us know in the comments section below...

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