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Many WWE Superstars have done heroic deeds in real life as well

7 Former WWE Superstars who are real-life heroes

WWE Superstars are larger-than-life characters who perform heroic acts, leaving fans in wonder. These wrestlers are elite athletes, with their physical abilities allowing them to perform stunts one can only imagine of.

There are various instances where these exceptional athletes have put their skills to the best use in real-life situations, with their intervention helping society. Even though the condition is often dangerous and sometimes even fatal, these WWE Superstars risk everything, turning from fictional heroes to real-life heroes.


Here is a look at seven past and current WWE Superstars who went out of their way to help save others.

#7 Former WWE Superstar Shawn Daivari


Shawn Daivari was never a hero on WWE programming to say the least. Currently working as a producer in the Vince McMahon promotion, he used to portray the evil foreigner gimmick, acting as an Arab American alongside Muhammad Hassan. The former TNA X-Division Champion was able to turn into a real-life hero in 2012.


Traveling on a light-rail train, Daivari was headed to the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport when another passenger began screaming and shouting that he was going to kill everyone on board. As tensions rose, many passengers panicked and pressed the emergency button. This was to notify the authorities that something was wrong.

Daivari sprung into action at the right time, grabbing the passenger who was threatening everyone and put him in a chokehold. The WWE producer kept the hold locked until the train reached its next stop, where the man was then handed over to the authorities.

#6 Bam Bam Bigelow

In 2000, Bam Bam Bigelow received second degree burns over nearly half his body, requiring him to spend over two months in a hospital to recover. How did he get these burns? He got them rescuing three young children from a house fire near his own home.

In July 2000, Bam Bam Bigelow walked outside his Florida home and noticed his neighbour's home on fire. The former WWE Superstar knew there were three small children that lived there, so realizing that the fire department would likely not make it in time to save the kids, he decided to take matters into his own hands and rushed into the house. Bigelow ran through the flames and successfully saved all three children from imminent danger.


As a result of the incident, the legend suffered second-degree burns over 40% of his body. He would end up spending two months recovering in the hospital. As for the children in the fire, thanks to Bigelow's heroic efforts, they suffered very minimal injuries. Unfortunately, Bam Bam Bigelow would pass away on January 19, 2007, due to complications from an unrelated heart problem.

#5 Perry Saturn

@Machobeard4life The time Perry Saturn saved some girls from being raped and ended up with a bullet to his neck as a result.

Back in April 2004, Perry Saturn was driving his girlfriend to work near his home in Atlanta when they stumbled upon a woman being attacked and physically assaulted by two men. The former WWE European Champion immediately stopped and went to fight the perpetrators.

What many people fail to realize is that Saturn is a real-life bada**. Prior to becoming a professional wrestler, Perry was in the army and used his military training to subdue both of these attackers.

During the scuffle, Saturn was shot not once, but twice by the attackers. He received one gunshot to the neck and one to his right shoulder. Perry later stated that he didn't realize he had been shot in the shoulder, he thought he had been punched.

This incident would result in a lot of problems for the former WWE Hardcore Champion. He would become heavily addicted to metaamphetamines and eventually end up homeless for a brief period.


#4 Chuck Palumbo

He lifted a car! What?

In January of 2016, Chuck Palumbo was driving down a rural road near his home in El Cajon, California. On his way, Chuck encountered a car that had flipped onto its side, so he immediately pulled over to see if anyone needed help.

As he approached the vehicle, Chuck encountered the driver going in and out of consciousness. He also saw that her body was pinned against the steering wheel and her arm was trapped under the side of the car. Chuck assessed the situation and quickly began working to free the lady from the car.

He was able to lift the car enough to free her arm and then pull the driver out to safety. As soon as Chuck got the lady out of the car, he made sure she was at least stable, which she was, and about that time, he noticed a fire truck approaching the scene. Chuck concluded that he had done all he could, so he hopped back into his truck and continued on his travels.


#3 Shad Gaspard

Shad Gaspard once took a gun off a man attempting to rob a gas station. He saved the life of his 10-year-old son before drowning. He was a hero in life and death.

A man we should all take inspiration from and who’s memory will live on forever

Since leaving WWE, Shad Gaspard and JTG, formerly known as Cryme Tyme, remained together and had a pretty busy indie booking schedule. One night in Florida, Shad and JTG pulled into a convenience store where Shad went inside to grab a drink.

Shad was then approached by a visibly intoxicated man who said: "Hey man, buy me a beer." Shad responded by telling him, "There's a better way to ask for that." The individual then pulled a firearm and pointed it at Shad.

Shad quickly pushed the suspect into a cooler door and then took the gun away from him before taking him outside, where he subsequently placed him in a rear-naked chokehold until the police arrived. Since the incident, Shad has mentioned that during all the chaos, he was able to take the weapon from the attempted robber, only to find out that it was a BB gun.

This wasn't the only heroic story involving former WWE Superstar Gaspard. Shad and his son were trapped in a strong rip current when the two were in the Venice Beach neighborhood in Los Angeles. He would instruct the lifeguards to save his son first, and before the guards could reach him, Gaspard went missing. His body was found three days later washed ashore.


WWE recently honored him with the Warrior Award at this year's Hall of Fame ceremony for his heroic actions.

#2 Chris Masters

Chris Masters saved his mom from a burning building by uprooting a tree and hurling it through a window to pull her to safety.

Chris Masters was notified that police had been called to his mother's home and that a deranged neighbor had barricaded himself inside the home, essentially holding Chris' mother hostage.

The crazed neighbor shouted at the police that he was going to set the house on fire. Chris rushed over to his mother's home, only to find it already engulfed in flames. However, the flames did not deter Chris from getting to his mother.

He wrapped his arms around a ten-foot ficus tree and with the help of a little adrenaline, he pulled the tree out of the ground. This would allow Chris and the authorities to gain access to the home through a window that had been blocked by the tree.

After rescuing his mother from this crazy situation, Masters stated:

“We saved my mom's life! That crazy son of a b**** barricaded himself inside my mom’s apartment and then set the place on fire! I’m so thankful she’s alive.”

The pyromaniac was arrested and charged with kidnapping, arson, and several other felony offenses.

#1 Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt came to the rescue of someone who actually assaulted him in the first place!

While working for WWE, Bray Wyatt once traveled along with his then-road buddy JTG from one town to another for Monday Night RAW. As they were traveling along the highway, a vehicle approached them from behind, driving recklessly, and eventually side-swiping the two superstars.

After realizing they were okay, they decided to chase down the culprit and teach them a lesson. As the former WWE Champion got closer to the vehicle, the driver lost control, rolling over six or so times before coming to a stop on the side of the highway. Bray and JTG heard screaming and crying. As they approached the heavily damaged vehicle, they saw what JTG described as "teenage swiping stupid a******s."

As JTG called 911, Bray pulled a young girl out of the vehicle who was severely injured. JTG then went to assist Bray as they pulled the driver out. The female driver immediately said, "Oh my god, my dad is gonna kill me!"


Finally, Bray noticed an ambulance approaching, so he and JTG loaded up and headed back down the road. Following the crazy incident, Bray pleaded with JTG not to say anything.

JTG explained that the former Universal Champion was just the type of humble guy who didn't want any attention put on himself for doing something that he felt was just the right thing to do.

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