8 things in 2019 which WWE fans wouldn't have imagined a year ago

The year 2019 has been full of excitement and surprises! It's tough to imagine so much changed in twelve months. #WWE

Vatsal Rathod

What a year this has been!

The world of pro-wrestling is one where you can expect the unexpected! Twelve months is enough time for an industry to get shaken up, and 2019 proved that. If someone who last watched WWE in December of 2018 tunes in today, the changes over the past year would be shocking.

In all honesty, the year 2019 has seen the arrival of a new era and the fans can't be more excited to see what the company has in store next. But before that, let's take a look at eight things in 2019 that WWE fans wouldn't have imagined a year ago.

Take yourself twelve months back and let me know how many of these you would have predicted. The comments section is all yours, dear reader.

#8 CM Punk returning to WWE

Let's start with the most obvious and probably the biggest one! CM Punk left the company in January 2014, more than five years ago, but fans never stopped expressing their love for the Straight Edge Superstar. Random chants of CM Punk breaking out among the WWE Universe during RAW, SmackDown, or any other event was a regular occurrence.

But just when fans were starting to lose hope, the former WWE Champion made his surprising return to the company, albeit as an analyst on WWE Backstage. This was followed by many current Superstars calling Punk out for a match, especially Seth Rollins.

Whether or not he does make his in-ring comeback is a question yet to be answered, but for once we are closer to it than ever before. Maybe we'll get an answer in another twelve months.


#7 24/7 Championship

The Hardcore Championship was one of the most bizarre concepts which WWE introduced during the Attitude Era, becoming a huge hit. After nearly 17 years, 2019 saw the company bring back a slightly toned-down version of the title as Mick Foley announced the 24/7 Championship on an episode of RAW in May.

The rules are similar, as the Superstars have chased the 24/7 Champion all over the arena, on a golf course, on an airplane, etc. Superstars like R-Truth, Drake Maverick, Carmella and others gave us many memorable and hilarious moments involving the title. Which one was your favorite?

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Published 23 Dec 2019, 01:57 IST