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CM Punk during his promo on SmackDown. Image Credits: X

9 AEW and WWE references in CM Punk's SmackDown promo

CM Punk's return at Survivor Series: WarGames was enough to cause a stir among the WWE Universe. While his appearance at the Premium Live Event broke several records, he followed it up with a brilliant promo on Monday Night RAW last week. However, Punk delivered his best since his return on the latest edition of SmackDown.

During his appearance on the December 8th edition of the blue brand, the 45-year-old cut a long promo. In this promo, the Best in the World mentioned the names of many superstars, and teased matches with them. This move by CM Punk brought delight to many fans.


In this article, we will look at 9 AEW and WWE references by Punk during his latest promo on SmackDown:

#9. Cody Rhodes


In WWE right now, Cody Rhodes is one of the biggest faces. From cutting important promos, to leading his team to victory at Survivor Series: WarGames, Rhodes always seems to be at the center of things. Hence, it wasn't surprising to see CM Punk mention him during his promo.


However, Punk's mention of The American Nightmare was not brief. The 45-year-old simply mentioned he could tell a story about Rhodes, and then abruptly proceeded to change the topic. The reason behind Punk not briefly speaking about Rhodes can be due to him not wanting a feud against Rhodes currently.

#8. Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman


The biggest roar CM Punk generated during his promo on SmackDown was when he mentioned Roman Reigns. First, Punk took a dig at Reigns being inactive, but also made sure to acknowledge him and his achievements. However, the 45-year-old was also quick to remind Reigns of something important.

In his promo, Punk told The Tribal Chief to not forget who the OG Paul Heyman guy was. The former mentioned Heyman was his Wiseman before the latter joined forces with Reigns. This statement by the former AEW star once again garnered a huge pop.

#7. Solo Sikoa

Despite being very young in his career, Solo Sikoa has already made a name for himself in WWE. From being part of The Bloodline to beating John Cena one on one, Sikoa has come a long way in his career. The 30-year-old was also acknowledged by CM Punk tonight.

During his promo on SmackDown, Punk mentioned that while Roman Reigns was not present in the arena, his cousins were. The former AEW star then mentioned Sikoa's name, and called him a tough son of a gun. Naturally, this is a big deal for The Bloodline members.


#6. The Usos

After speaking about Solo Sikoa, CM Punk shifted his focus to Jimmy Uso. However, before he could speak about Jimmy, Punk made sure to shout out Jey Uso on RAW. In recent times, Punk and Jey seem to be enjoying a great relationship, with the latter comparing the former to The Tribal Chief.

Regardless, after the shout-out, Punk brought up the prospect of facing Jimmy in a match. However, he also acknowledged the fact that if he was to face The Bloodline member, he would have to be cautious of his cousins. The 45-year-old mentioned there were endless Samoans.

#5. Randy Orton

Further speaking about a bout against Jimmy Uso and a potential rivalry against The Bloodline, CM Punk mentioned he would need backup if he were to pursue a rivalry against them. During this time in the promo, the Best in the World brought up the name of Randy Orton.


Speaking about potential partners, Punk asked how could he trust someone like Randy Orton, given all the history they have. During his first run in WWE, Punk and Orton faced each other on many occasions, and were involved in a brief rivalry as well.

#4. LA Knight

While CM Punk's stance about trusting Randy Orton was clear, he mentioned there was another superstar on whom he could place all his trust. The superstar in question was LA Knight. This statement by the former WWE Champion garnered a huge roar among the WWE Universe.

CM Punk can blindly trust LA Knight because of two things. Firstly, Knight has always stood for the right things on WWE SmackDown. Secondly, he has proven to be a great tag team partner. The 41-year-old was instrumental in helping John Cena win against The Bloodline at WWE Fastlane.

#3. CM Punk took a subtle shot at AEW by mentioning Kevin Owens


One of the highlights of CM Punk's promo on SmackDown was when he referenced Kevin Owens. On the blue brand, Owens was recently seen punching Austin Theory and Grayson Waller backstage. Punk made sure to use this against the Canadian wrestler and take a shot at AEW.


During his promo, the Voice of the Voiceless mentioned that maybe he and Owens were alike. He further added that he was unaware of who would be comfortable working with someone who punches people backstage randomly. The 45-year-old ended the promo by saying it's 2023, and one can't do such things.

#2. Seth Rollins

After mentioning so many names during his promo, it would have been rather unfair for CM Punk to not mention the name of Seth Rollins. After all, Rollins was visibly frustrated when Punk made his return at Survivor Series: WarGames. Punk made sure to reference the same during his promo but never named him.

The 43-year-old said that everyone was happy to see him in WWE, except for one guy. He further mentioned that he won't put any stock into anything Rollins has to say because the latter is not The Man even in his own house. When the crowd responded to Punk by singing Rollins' theme song, the latter told them that the song was all he had.


#1. Shawn Michaels

Towards the end of his promo, CM Punk gave the WWE Universe an update about his future. Punk mentioned he will be listening to Nick Aldis, and then to Adam Pearce on Monday. However, one of the highlights was when Punk mentioned he would be speaking to Shawn Michaels about NXT over the weekend.

While Punk moving to NXT is unlikely, it won't be a surprise to see him make a few appearances on the brand. After all, an appearance by Punk on NXT would help WWE establish the brand as a major one. Punk also mentioned he would let the WWE Universe know which brand he will sign with on Monday Night RAW.

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