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Sheamus and Isabella Revilla tied the knot last Friday

WWE - 5 things you didn't know about Sheamus' wife, Isabella Revilla

In late 2017, former WWE Champion Sheamus started dating Isabella Revilla. After spending about four years together, the couple announced their engagement in July last year. The Celtic Warrior proposed to his girlfriend at the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland.

Last Friday, Sheamus and Revilla tied the knot. Several former and current WWE Superstars attended the wedding, including Seth Rollins, Becky Lynch, Miro, Lana, and Drew McIntyre, who served as Sheamus' best man.


The leader of The Brawling Brutes is well known to the WWE Universe after spending nearly a decade and a half in the Stamford-based company. However, many fans do not know much about his wife.

Here are five things you may not know about Sheamus' wife, Isabella Revilla.


#5. Isabella Revilla is a proud Filipina-American


Isabella Revilla was born and raised in the United States. However, her origins are from the Philippines.

Celebrating Asian & Pacific Islander Heritage Month in an Instagram post in May 2021, Isabella stated that she is a proud Filipina-American. She also revealed that her mother made sure she and her sister knew their origins.

If you don’t know by now, I am a proud Filipina-American. Even though I was born & raised in Jersey City, my Mom made sure my sister and I knew where our family came from. It’s one of the things I miss most about her. The Filipino food, getting yelled at in Tagalog, the Fil-Am Christmas parties, the stories about the Philippines," she wrote.

In her post, Isabella stated that she previously dreaded celebrating Asian & Pacific Islander Heritage Month. Nevertheless, she now likes to celebrate being an Asian-American woman.


#4. Isabella Revilla has a twin sister


Isabella Revilla has a twin sister, Miranda. The two ladies were born on December 12. Isabella and her sister also share the same birthday as their father.

On their birthday last December, Isabella posted a clip from her celebrations with her sister on Instagram. In the same post, she described Miranda as her twin, best friend, and soul sister.

"My twin, my best friend, my soul sister — happy birthday to us! The best and most special one yet. Visiting the old haunts while making new memories. Let’s never go this long without spending our birthday together ever again," she wrote.

The twin sisters have a very close relationship. Judging by their Instagram accounts, they seem inseparable.

#3. Isabella Revilla is 18 years younger than Sheamus


While Isabella Revilla celebrated her 26th birthday last December, her husband Sheamus turned 44 on January 28. Hence, The Celtic Warrior is 18 years older than his wife.

In January 2021, Isabella celebrated Sheamus' birthday with an Instagram post, describing him as "hard-working, loving, understanding, and forgiving beyond belief."

"Happy birthday to this amazing, handsome, and jacked human that I am lucky enough to call mine. You are strong, hard-working, loving, understanding, and forgiving beyond belief. ♥️🥳 Here’s to another year of dancing, love, success, adventure, and NO MORE PUPPIES. (P. S. I can lift you up...)," she wrote.

Sheamus is currently the second-oldest active superstar on the SmackDown roster after Rey Mysterio.

#2. Isabella Revilla is a doctor


Sheamus has made a name for himself in professional wrestling. Over the past decade and a half, he has become one of the most achieved superstars in WWE history. Meanwhile, his wife does not work in the wrestling business.

Celebrating her twin sister being an attorney in an Instagram post, Isabella Revilla disclosed that she is a doctor.

"So proud of my sister, the attorney! Every time she made an objection, I just wanted to jump up and scream "Yeah, that's my sister!" SO PROUD! 😊👯 (And I'm just a doctor, hmph!)," she wrote.

Sheamus' best friend, Drew McIntyre, is also married to a doctor, Kaitlyn Frohnapfel. She and Isabella are now friends.

#1. Isabella Revilla was a big fan of WWE and Sheamus before dating The Celtic Warrior


Although she never worked in WWE, Isabella Revilla and her sister Miranda were seemingly big fans of the promotion growing up. In 2012, the then-16-year-old twin sister attended a John Cena autograph signing and even got interviewed by WWE.com. A year later, Isabella and her sister won tickets to WWE WrestleMania 29 in their home state.


Over the past decade, Isabella has expressed her support for a few WWE Superstars on her Instagram account. In a post in 2015, she described Finn Balor as "the best around" after attending NXT TakeOver.

In another post in April of that same year, she disclosed that she was a fan of Balor, Dean Ambrose (aka Jon Moxley), and the man who later became her husband, Sheamus.

"Even though you didn't steal Sheamus or Dean Ambrose or Finn Bálor for me, you are still the best," she wrote to a friend after gifting her some WWE merchandise, including a Sheamus t-shirt and action figure.

Besides her passion for WWE, Isabella is a big soccer fan. She supports Bayern Munich, Nashville SC, and Sheamus' favorite club, Liverpool.

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