Will AJ Lee make her return at Royal Rumble 2024?

AJ Lee to make her WWE return after 8 years at Royal Rumble 2024? Analyzing reports 

At the Survivor Series 2023 Premium Live Event, CM Punk finally made his much-anticipated comeback to WWE after a hiatus of 9 years. The Best in the World graced the Monday Night RAW show after Survivor Series and referenced his wife, AJ Lee, a former WWE women's champion, in his promo, sending her regards.

The mention of Lee has piqued the imagination of fans, who are already speculating about her possible return to the company. They are contemplating whether Lee will emulate her husband's actions and rejoin WWE.


Is it feasible that AJ Lee will make her return at the Royal Rumble 2024 event? Given her enormous popularity among fans, this event would be great for her return, if she were to consider it.

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Despite the fervor of the fans, recent reports imply that there are currently no definitive strategies in place for AJ's comeback at the Royal Rumble event in January 2024. PWInsider recently provided an update regarding her comeback to the Stamford-based promotion. According to the report, there is currently no mention or consideration of reintroducing the former champion to the squared circle:

"Right now there has been no discussion of her coming in. She retired years ago for health reasons and has carved out a successful writing career for herself, but one has to think that a cameo appearance or so down the line wouldn't be out of the question, especially since there are so many talents in the company today who have praised her work as influencing their careers," PWInsider reports.


AJ Lee retired from WWE in 2015

Lee pioneered the women's division, paving the way for future generations. Around a year after Punk's departure, she bid farewell to the company. As a wrestler, Lee has not been active in the wrestling profession since that time.

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Given that Punk has joined the company, her perspective may have shifted. The chance to succeed in this new environment is undoubtedly present, and if Punk and WWE have reconciled, there should be no obstacles preventing her from returning, except for her desires.


The company could still benefit from her skills and experience, considering that she is only 36 years old. However, it remains to be seen if she has the desire to continue competing.

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