Sheamus in WWE

Arn Anderson shoots on biggest issue Sheamus has wrestling in WWE

  • Sheamus has had quite a long run in his time in WWE, most recently feuding with Jeff Hardy.
  • Currently the Celtic Warrior is in the middle of a rather controversial feud with Jeff Hardy.
Modified 04 Jul 2020, 19:33 IST

Arn Anderson is one of the top names in the wrestling business, and with his involvement with the Four Horsemen, he is definitely a wrestling legend in the truest sense of the word. Following his wrestling career, Arn Anderson worked backstage in WWE for multiple years, but he was released from the company and is now a part of AEW, as Cody Rhodes' player-coach. Arn Anderson is always upfront regarding his opinions of different WWE Superstars, and he shot on Sheamus and his issues in WWE.

During a recent episode on his ARN podcast, Arn Anderson commented on Sheamus and said how the Celtic Warrior still did not know how to work as a heel in WWE.


Sheamus' major issue in WWE

Sheamus is regularly featured as a top heel in WWE during his time as part of the company. However, according to Arn Anderson, Sheamus does not do something that is required of him as a heel in WWE.

Sheamus usually dominated most of his matches and if he loses, it is usually with a false finish. Arn Anderson called him out for that, saying that it was required sometimes for a heel to be beaten up to help the fans have faith in the babyface.

“I think the one mistake Sheamus does… he’s a good solid worker, but as a heel? As a heel, the art of being a heel is getting you’re a** kicked when it’s time. You can do the bully stuff, you can do the snug stuff, and you can overpower guys, but there comes a time in every match where you have to get you’re a** whipped. Your top heels know how to do that and when they get their a** kicked, it’s in a royal fashion. I don’t think Sheamus gets that concept. He wants to get all of his offense in, no matter what, whatever is in his mind for that night. No matter what the audience is giving him back or what it calls for. Sometimes you have to be really really giving as a heel, even if you are this big rugged kicka** heel. You have to give them faith in that babyface. Once the heel overpowers the babyface to the point that the audience loses faith in them… forget it, the match is over.”
Published 04 Jul 2020, 19:33 IST