This week's episode of RAW was actually not half bad

Best and worst of RAW before WWE Stomping Grounds- Superstar buried, Seth Rollins gets attacked

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Riju Dasgupta
Modified 18 Jun 2019, 11:23 IST

I have often complained that despite the fact that there's nothing in the world that beats getting paid to watch wrestling, sometimes WWE does not make it easy. RAW and SmackDown Live sometimes put on episodes that are a chore to sit through and review for you lovely people.


And you also know that it's just them being lazy. Because this week's episode of WWE RAW was a delightful experience. When WWE decides that they want to go all out, they do so.

One wonders if they were waiting for NBA season to end before they kicked things back into high gear again. This week just felt like a breath of fresh air as compared to most others.

And therefore, it is with a smile on my face that I bring you the best and worst of WWE RAW.

#1 Best: Gallows and Anderson get some screen time

Gallows and Anderson came to WWE with a lot of momentum. Once upon a time, they had the whole 'Beat Up John Cena' thing going for them, and it was quite a feud. But then, they were separated from AJ Styles and truth be told, they've only been a shadow of their former selves since that day.


It was great to see AJ Styles back in the mix again, telling Gallows and Anderson that they had grown complacent and that he wanted to see them dominate the roster like they dominated Japan. Even though Gallows and Anderson lost to The Usos this week, it was great to see that they got some screen time. The storyline with them is certainly far from over.

One wonders if AJ Styles is pulling strings backstage. Maybe he wants his friends to get a lot of screen time.

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Published 18 Jun 2019, 11:23 IST