Big E has proven many of his doubters wrong during his run as WWE Champion
Big E has proven many of his doubters wrong during his run as WWE Champion

Big E has done a terrific job as WWE Champion thus far

Ryan K Boman

Don't you dare be sour... put your hands together for your WWE Champion.

Once considered only a member of the tag team division, Big E has emerged as one of the bright lights of the promotion. He is currently shining as their world titleholder. The big man of the New Day has become a star in his own right as he branches out on his own with the gold in his hand. He's now standing tall as the main star of Monday Night RAW.


The former college football player and powerlifter has ascended to a level that some may have doubted he could achieve, but he's currently thriving in his role as the brand's standard bearer.

After over 10 years with WWE, Big E has finally achieved his dream. They have handed him the ball, and he's running with it.

It appears that WWE has a lot of faith in Big E as a singles star, and they have every right to do so. He's not only a great big man in the promotion, but he's also appealing to the audience and continues to show that he has fit the role well of being the WWE champion.


His skills, combined with his personality, make him one of the most marketable stars the company has right now. There's no doubt that the crowd responds to him every time he comes through the curtain.

Don’t you dare be sour! Feel the POWAH of the new WWE Champion @WWEBigE !

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2:43 AM · Sep 20, 2021

Here's to hoping that WWE continues to let Big E have this run with the big belt. Not only has he earned it, but he's carried it well and spent his time at the top of the card wisely. He's an appealing character, and he's respected as a true homegrown star in the promotion.

If the people behind the scenes are smart, they will continue to ride the 'power of positivity' and push his potential. The sky could be the limit for him, if WWE decides to let him ride the rocket ship he is currently on.

While it may still be too early to tell, WWE may have a great champion when it comes to Big E. So far, he's proven to be a perfect fit in that spot, and it looks like he has proven any doubters wrong.


And? To all those doubters... all we can say is... "WHO?"

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