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Brock Lesnar during WWE RAW. Image Credits: X

Brock Lesnar referenced on WWE NXT: What actually happened?

Since SummerSlam 2023, Brock Lesnar has been absent from WWE. At the Premium Live Event, Lesnar faced Cody Rhodes in a rubber match. While The Beast Incarnate was dominant like usual, Rhodes turned out to be the better man that night and registered a victory over him.

Since the conclusion of this match, fans have been waiting to see Brock Lesnar in action. While there is no date set for his return, the superstar was mentioned on the latest edition of NXT. Lesnar's mention came during Ilja Dragunov’s match against Nathan Frazier.


During the match, Ilja Dragunov delivered several German Suplexes, which led to the crowd chanting "Suplex City." The match garnered a great reaction overall; however, this moment will be memorable for Dragunov. After all, he has been compared to one of WWE’s most dominant forces.

Eventually, after a dominant performance, Dragunov registered a victory over Frazier. However, when he went to help his opponent up, Baron Corbin entered the ring and teased a match with Dragunov. It will be interesting to see how this rivalry plays out on NXT in the coming weeks.


WWE veteran wants Brock Lesnar to push 36-year-old talent


At the stage Brock Lesnar is in his career, WWE might expect him to put over younger talent. While Lesnar recently did this with Cody Rhodes, a former WWE personality wants to see The Beast Incarnate feud with Gunther and put him over. The WWE veteran in question is Konnan.

On the Keepin’ It 100 podcast, Konnan briefly spoke about a feud between Brock Lesnar and The Intercontinental Champion. The veteran noted that a loss at this stage of his career won't hurt The Beast Incarnate. Konnan said:

"You solidify Gunther as a top guy and Lesnar has shown in the past that losses don't matter. People love his mystique, his aura, and he always brings it. They'll be interested in the next guy he wrestles." [From 8:06 - 8:17]

You can check out what Konnan said about Gunther and Lesnar in the video below:


A feud between Gunther and Brock Lesnar is something fans have been wanting to see ever since they clashed at Royal Rumble. While Lesnar is currently spending time away from the promotion, it will be interesting to see if he feuds with the Intercontinental Champion when he returns.

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